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Tribute to Doug Link and Crystal Rose
by their youth pastor, Brad Deetscreek

             April 1, 2003

Doug Link, 1984-2003
Crystal Rose, 1987-2003

Doug and Crystal were such special people. What set them apart was the way they treated others.

Crystal spent a lot of her time helping people. She cleaned for her grandma Rose once a week. In fact, that is what she did all day on the Monday of the accident. She gave up so much time to help others.

She loved working with children. During the summer, she always helped with our church's vacation Bible school. She was very involved in our youth group and church. She loved spending a week at summer camp at Camp Mantowagan and she always traveled with our youth group as we went to Brethren National Youth Conference. Recently this conference was in California and Kentucky.

She was so close with all the youth and she is greatly missed. What I really loved about

Crystal was that she was never afraid to do anything. She always volunteered for different things and activities. She always had a smile on her face and she was willing to do anything to help. She loved living and she lived an active life. Her and her family (dad, mom, and brother Adam) did everything together. They were so close. Doug and Crystal often did things with Crystal's brother, Adam.

Doug loved hanging out with Adam and Crystal and they had so much fun together. They loved playing paintball, snowboarding, and doing anything possible to have a good time. They loved just being together. If you saw Doug, you knew Crystal would be close. That is just the way they were.

Doug was a special guy who loved people. Even if he just met you, he would do anything needed to help you out. If you had a problem, he would do all he could to help you.

Doug loved to laugh and loved to live life. He was so funny. He always had something funny to say.

What made these two so special was that they loved God. They weren't just people who served God in church; they lived for God. They were people with such strong integrity and character. They practiced what they preached. They loved God and it showed in their life.

They are missed and all of us who knew them are better people as a result of our time with them.

Pastor Brad Deetscreek, Pike Grace Brethren Church, Mundys Corner

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