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929 Roberts Street, Nanty Glo, Pa. 15943
Phone (814) 749-7352 §

Cafe grand opening children's contest winners named

Winners of the children's contests for the Liberty Cafe grand opening were announced on the evening of Monday, August 27. Seen above, from left, they are:

Lexi Brown, whose guess for the jelly bean count was closest;

Stone Greene, whose name for the "green creature," Shrek, was pulled;

Jacob Greene, who identified the largest number of items in the jar of sand, and

Monica Breth, whose guess about the number of M&Ms in the jar was closest.

Despite the final night of the grand opening following the first day of school, the cafe had a lively crowd ranging fom elementary school age to grandparents and most ages in between for the performance from 7 to 9 p.m. of local band One Adam 12. The entire weekend was rated a great success by the Cafe staff.

Signs were installed on the front of the cafe in July. The original Nanty Glo News Stand signs were recovered from the former owner, restored and reinstalled. Johnstown and Nanty Glo publications are on sale daily at the cafe. The video below shows the cafe interior.

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Liberty Museum launches The
Liberty Cafe at former news stand

The cafe grand opening will be held when permanent certification is obtained. Hours at this time are 9 am to 9 pm, Monday through Saturday and 1 to 9 pm Sundays.

The computers for public use are available, along with free WiFi.

Coffee, Teas, Coke Fountain, Coke bottled products

Fax, Copy

The vendors for other products: Penny candy, Ice Cream, Newspaper sales

Pastries, muffins, and sausage sandwiches are available for breakfast, with hotdogs with all the fixin's and sausages with peppers and onions for lunch. Bring your pizza from Marlene's across the alley to the cafe to eat with a beverage in the evening.

Decor and Liberty Museum resources on display include shelves of old ECHO yearbook and binders of obituaries. Pictures show the building from its days as a former hardware store and newsstand. Other photos show businesses around the cafe and other streets of Nanty Glo. Also on display are some maps of Nanty Glo. A large mural is one painted by John Dropcho.

Below added on March 11, 2012

An office or storage space in the new Liberty Cafe.

The Historical Society took possession of the former Nanty Glo News Stand at 929 Roberts Street, Nanty Glo, in November. The NTAMHS explains the motivation behind this expansion of the its mission and project scope as three-fold:

* To give the Historical Society corporate office space.

Before the acquisition, we had no place for offices, no location to hold the meetings to plan progress and make the best decisions for the good of the community. Since we no longer have access to the library after hours, we have been holding our meeting in the museum building. The museum building thus far has no heat, nor does it have an occupancy permit, which raises an insurance issue. The board members now can have the offices they need as well as a one-stop place for the public to be able to attend meetings and go for assistance.

* To provide a location for the storage and research department; a location to start putting things together for public review.

The museum building is full, so some items have had to be stored in members' homes and garages. The cost of storage is killing the final bottom line for the entire Society. The insurance underwriter has problems covering all that we own as it is not in one location, and a complete inventory has not been possible. Now we can get the inventory done. The research can be done in a more efficient and cost-effective manner. Office work can be done without the fear of damage. Many items can be displayed.

* To create a viable income for the Historical Society to be able to get the loans it needs to get the heating and air-conditioning and make the final push for opening the Liberty Museum.

As anyone who has ever applied for a loan knows, you have to be able to show you can repay the debts incurred. With the sales from the gift store, coffee, fountain soda, the copy-print-fax center, WiFi, computers for public use, notary services and some other items, we will have that income. This entire project was secured by the rental income from the apartment above the museum's space, which covers the mortgage note and secured debt from the project manager. The museum can now be empied and the full work can be resumed.

All the labor is being done by volunteers and the community service workers procured through the Cambria County Courts. This was a major undertaking but one well worth doing in the end.

Did you know that you can't get a cup of morning coffee in Nanty Glo without going up the hill to Sheetz? Nor is there any public access to the Internet if the Public Library is closed. The Library has computers for free public use but they are open limited hours. The cafe will have the same access but at a charge (yet to be determined).

Users of the Ghost Town Trails have no access to public rest rooms in either direction for miles and no place to get a drink. Most of Nanty Glo has limited cellphone service (making WiFi a need).

A sign will be placed on the trail to invite people to the cafe.
We hope that the community will continue to support us as we move forward in all our ventures.
Thank you,

Nant-Y-Glo Tri-Area Historical and
Museum Society Staff and Members

The animation below shows stages of the cafe building restoration.

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