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Good Morning Nanty Glo!

Saturday, September 28 2002


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David Caldwell's weekly roundup
of news affecting Blacklick Valley

Last week - Blacklick Valley 44, Ferndale 10
This week - Bedford 16, Central Cambria 8

Thanks, Isidore

Usually, when a hurricane approaches our region of Pennsylvania, we begin to fear the potential damage of such a storm, especially those of us who remember hurricanes Hazel and Agnes and the damage they wrought with their winds and rain. Of course, they were Atlantic hurricanes and had less landmass to absorb their wicked ways before reaching western Pennsylvania.

Isidore, on the other hand, came up from the Gulf and lost much of his fury before reaching us. Thankfully, he did drop nearly four inches of rain on Cambria and surrounding counties. The entire state, and for that matter, the entire northeast, actually looked forward to the drought-quenching rains of the tropical storm. And the rain came over a two-day period and spared us from floods. The population in general benefited by the raising of the water table before the winter freeze and farmers in particular appreciate the moisture on their fields and late crops, although it came too late to save them from large financial losses.

Enough is enough

Jackson Township supervisors David Bracken and Bruce Baker have finally put a stop to the raucous behavior that has made a shambles of the board of supervisor meetings. Mr. Bracken announced that the meetings would henceforth be structured and conducted in an orderly manner as set forth in the Sunshine Laws and those who defy his ruling will be cited for contempt.

For more than a year, the supervisor meetings of Jackson Township have been tumultuous, acrimonious affairs with overflowing crowds who often ignored proper decorum for such business meetings. The contention began when an ad hoc organization of citizens banded together to protest a decision by supervisors to write and adopt zoning ordnances for the township. When their efforts proved fruitless to stop the ordinance effort, one of the group, Robert Stephens, mounted a last-minute, write-in campaign for a vacant seat on the board of Supervisors.

He won the seat but by the time he was sworn into office the lame duck supervisors adopted the ordinances. They did this in spite of several lawsuits, including one by newly elected supervisor, Stephens, and many verbal attacks against supervisors and the methods they used to draw up the ordinances. Soon after the reorganization of the new board of supervisors, Dowey Croyle resigned his supervisor's seat for personal reasons. The ad hoc committee then saw this as their chance to have a supervisor appointed who shared their anti-ordnance position. However, supervisor David Bracken out-maneuvered them and managed to choose a new supervisor, Bruce Baker, who, like him, supported the zoning ordinances. Since then, the protestors have been showing up in large numbers at the supervisors meeting and denouncing zoning decisions made by the zoning officer appointed by the supervisors.

Supervisors David Bracken and Bruce Baker hope the threat of citations will improve meeting conditions so they can conduct the township business. On the other hand, the protestors see this as another attempt to silence legitimate concerns.

Sewer line

The Blacklick Valley Municipal Authority (BVMA) sewer project continues with a trunk line along the Ghost Town Trail from Twin Rocks to the halfway point to Nanty Glo. This section is needed to connect the residents of Ragleyville to the main lines running from Twin Rocks to Vintondale. Until this part of the job is completed, the Ghost Town Trail in that section is closed Monday through Thursday from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. The trail surface hasn't been damaged too badly, although it is getting rougher, especially for bikers.

T-shirt sayings (series)

6) You're just jealous because the voices talk only to me.
7) Beauty is in the eye of the beer holder.
8) Earth is the insane asylum for the universe.
9) I'm not a complete idiot, some parts are missing.
10) Out of my mind. Back in five minutes.

—Sent by Mike Harrison

Thought for the day

Give me ears to hear Thee, eyes to see Thee, taste to partake of Thee, sense of smell to inhale Thee. Give me feet to walk unto Thee; lips to speak of Thee, heart to fear and love Thee. Teach me Thy ways, O Lord, and I shall walk in Thy truth. For Thou art the way, the truth, and the life.

St. Tikhon of Voronezh
Sent by Fr. Antonious Henein

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