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Good Morning Nanty Glo!
               Thursday, October 3 2002 

Rage analysis

The ongoing series in the humor corner of T-shirt sayings reminds me of one about aging: "Old Age is Not for Sissies." Which always makes me chuckle again at the earnest warning my mother made when I arrived for a visit in Altoona, from California, about how unpicniclike old age is, she then in her 80s. Of course the inevitable rejoinder is, "compared with what?"

Having been encouraged to get therapy for my rage but unable to afford it, being unemployed, I'm undertaking the poor man's, fool's approach: self-analysis.

How do you know your rage is a byproduct of getting old and crochety? I don't, but there are a couple of seeming clues. When I was young, I was very friendly to everyone; now, I meet most strangers with more likely a sneer than a smile; even more so I am inclined to not even make eye contact with many of those whose space I casually bump into. It may be unrelated to aging, but isn't it at least a strong coincidence?

Clue two: Almost all the things that tick me off are ones that can be described as robbing me of time; indirectly, shortening my life. Slow me down, get in my way, make me stop unexpectedly for no necessary reason, call me to try to sell something I'm not shopping for, and you'll see smoke curling out my auditory canals. Everyone hates old crochety drivers who go at a snail's pace. I'm not one of those; maybe as I get even older I'll slow down...? (But don't count on it; my dad was still driving like Jehu when he was 90.)

When someone else makes the effort to say "excuse me," or "I'll be out of your way in the shake of a lamb's tail," of course I find however much time it may take. It may be I'll even make a friend; someone with so much class might be worth having as a friend; rude, thoughtless people aren't worth the time (not saying this is right [of course it isn't], only that it seems to be coming out on the "analyst's couch").

How do you know there aren't other causes, like "overcrowding," or job dissatisfaction? I don't, at all, and that's a good question. Maybe tomorrow we'll analyze it.

—Webmaster Jon Kennedy

T-shirt sayings (sixth of a series)

26. Party - my crib - two a.m. (on a baby-size shirt).
27. All men are idiots and I married their King.
28. West Virginia: one million people, and 15 last names.
29. Finally 21, and legally able to do what I've been doing since 15.
30. Failure is not an option. It comes bundled with the software.

—Sent by Mike Harrison

Thought for today

Do you subscribe to People (speaking of self-analysis)?

Brilliant people talk about ideas, average people talk about things, small people talk about other people.

Sent by Bob Kennedy

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