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Good Morning Nanty Glo!

Saturday, November 23 2002


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Historic house demolished in Nanty Glo

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David Caldwell's weekly roundup
of news affecting Blacklick Valley

Football playoff
Bishop Carroll, 49; Brockway, 14
Forest Hills, 19; Clarion Limestone, 14

All for naught

Last week's dire predictions by several local weathermen of significant snowfalls prompted many local residents to rush out for groceries, snow shovels, and ice-melting chemicals, and to put on winter tires. They then returned home, settled down and waited for the snow to fall. They waited and waited and waited but the large snow accumulations never came. Some of the higher elevations received several inches of the white stuff but nothing to get excited about. Borough sidewalks did get treacherous and the parking lot behind the Firehall was like a skating rink. Skiing enthusiasts and kids were actually disappointed. Perhaps, the predictions were a week premature. On a trip from Cresson to Nanty Glo last evening, the snow fell furiously and the ground was coated white by 8 p.m. Maybe all that preparation wasn't for naught.

Bethlehem pensions

The retired Bethlehem employees received more unsettling news about their pensions this week when they learned that the chairman of bankrupt Bethlehem Steel has asked the Federal Pension Benefit Guaranty Corp (PBGC) to take over its pension obligations. Bethlehem has made this request because the company owes the Pension Trust Fun $150 million by July 2003 and the company's obligation to the trust fund is $3.2 billion under-funded. Should the PBGC accept Bethlehem's pension obligation, according to an article in the Tribune-Democrat, very few local pensions would be affected, fewer than 10 percent. The PBGC was established by Congress but is not funded by taxpayers. It gets its funds from the assets of companies whose pensions it takes over. The continuation of pensions to local retirees is as crucial to individuals as it is to the area's economy.

Another scare

Someone threw a canister of military-grade tear gas into a small stream along Osborne Street next to Bishop McCort High School in Johnstown this past week. No one knew at first what the ensuing gas cloud was. They did know that it made eyes water, lungs choke for fresh air, and skin burn. Johnstown's emergency services went into full gear. The hospitals went into lockdown, as did Bishop McCort and Johnstown High School. No one entered the hospitals without being decontaminated. At least 44 individuals were treated for exposure to the gas.

The FBI entered the investigation and reports on the gas exposure made their way to the Office of Homeland Security and on to the President in Europe. Officials didn't know whether the incident was an act of terrorism or a prank, so they assumed the worse. Now the truth is known. Police revealed that an 80-year-old man who had it since the 1950s and just wanted to get rid of it threw the canister into the stream. He didn't realize that exposing the gas to water made its effects worse by creating a cloud of moisture-laden gas. The man is not in custody, but the DA's office expects to file charges. The affair proved very expensive to the city of Johnstown in manpower costs. And it was just another in a series of events to make local citizens feel less secure and more vulnerable to events that usually occur elsewhere.

Signs across America



 Good place for a getaway?



—Sent by Sallie Covolo

Thought for today

Man was created to know God but he chose the gutter. That is why he's like a bird shut away in a cage or like a fish taken from the water. That is the explanation of man's disgraceful acts—war and hate, murder and greed, brother against brother!

Is there still a good word for man in his lost condition? Is there an answer for man in whom there is that instinctive groping and craving for the lost image and the knowledge of the Eternal Being?

Yes, the positive answer in the Word of God, teaching the sinner-man that it is still possible for him to know God. It all has to do with forgiveness and grace and regeneration and justification in Jesus Christ!

—A. W. Tozer
Sent by Judy Martin

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