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Good Morning Nanty Glo!
               Wednesday, November 20 2002 

Jon Kennedy, webmaster On the road again - 2

By way of a review on behalf of any newcomers or occasional perusers of this space: I'm now close to the middle of what's described as a 90-day hiatus from the gainful employment I've been doing for most of the past two years, contract technical writing, publications production, and web support for a major memory chip manufacturer. Though the high technology industry generally has been hit by severe slowdowns for over a year, this has not greatly impacted the company I've been working for; it hasn't had to make major layoffs and it has remained profitable.

My hiatus has been necessitated by a government policy about the number of months contractors can stay on the same job. I'd reached the end of that limit, but after 90 days, in January I'll be eligible to begin the same work at the same desk for another cycle of months. Though I'm open to other work opportunities during this period, no offers have come through and the best I get on my resume circulation is: "It looks good; we're keeping it on file for when we start hiring again." I'm using the down time to get better organized and caught up on backlogged changes to my web projects, and try to get into the freelance writing game again; prehaps even make a good start on a book that's been on a back burner for more than a year.

With my cell phone on my belt and my laptop in the trunk of my car, I'm also taking advantage of the wait to make some side trips. Last month we visited Southern California, where I'd worked from late 1998 through 1999, and now I'm visiting Willows, the smalltown residence of my brother and his wife, Bob and Katie. Both having been retired for some years, and their long-time spouses being deceased, they met about two years ago and married last year. It's about three hours' drive from my home in Silicon Valley (San Jose) to their places in Willows, one of which is used mainly as a guest house now that they've merged their lives.

I don't get many opportunities to visit them, this being my first since last Presidents' Day, but it's always nice to get to the country smalltown setting. Sacramento is the nearest big city; it's 75 miles south of Willows on I-5. It's a sea change from the metroplex San Francisco Bay Area that encompasses San Jose, and I always start looking at life from a different perspective after spending a few hours here.

—Webmaster Jon Kennedy

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Maybe I'll stick
with Foodland.


—Sent by Sallie Covolo

Thought for today

The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires.

—William Arthur Ward

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