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Good Morning Nanty Glo!
Sunday, May 26 2002

Guilt trips

One of my pet peeves has always been having someone try to influence my behavior or actions by means of a guilt trip. This irritation has increased lately by the types of forwarded emails circulating around the Internet. For instance, the message may be about someone demonstrating a strong faith in God and the story may be very good and inspirational. However, someone out there in cyberspace insists on putting a few lines at the end suggesting that if I don't forward the message to a dozen or so of my friends and relatives, I am guilty of not sharing my faith in God.

First of all, I get very irritated working my way through several hundred email addresses just to get to the message. Secondly, I don't forward anything to any one. If I find something that I feel would interest a friend or relative, I cut and paste the message into a new email and I delete the guilt trip lines. Thirdly, I don't believe anyone has the right to judge me or anyone else on the basis of whether email is forwarded.

I believe my irritation with this guilt trip phenomenon began when I was a child. My family was always faithful to the church, so when two-week revival services were held in the spring and fall, we were always there. Each day, we kids would rush home from school to get our homework finished before supper. Dad would hurry home from work to help mom with supper and to get us kids and himself ready for church. Even though rushed, we always made it to church on time. And how were we greeted for our efforts?

Well, for the first five or so minutes, we were usually browbeaten with ideas such as, If we were really and truly Christians, we would have brought the rest of the neighborhood with us. Then, if it wasn't a hell-fire-and-brimstone message that tried to scare the "hell" out of us, it was a message to make us feel guilty for the sins of the world. After a lifetime of guilt trips, I don't need more coming through my computer or more of the same at church. Many sermons are preached on John 3:16 but John 3: 17 is over looked.

If you really feel as strongly about this subject as I do, you will forward this to a dozen or so of your friends . Just kidding!

Burma Shavers (continued)


***Burma Shave***

—Sent by Bob Kennedy

Thought for the day

Every pastor knows this kind - the plain people who have nothing to recommend them but their deep devotion to their Lord and the fruit of the Spirit which they all unconsciously display. These are the first to come forward when there is work to be done and the last to go home when there is prayer to be made. Their presence is a benediction wherever they go. They have no greatness to draw to them the admiring eyes of carnal men, but are content to be good men and full of the Holy Spirit! When they die, they leave behind them a fragrance of Christ that lingers long after the cheap celebrities of the day are forgotten.

—A. W. Tozer
Sent by
Judy Martin

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