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Good Morning Nanty Glo!

Sunday, May 19 2002


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David Caldwell's weekly roundup
of news affecting Blacklick Valley

Rain, rain, and more rain

A severe storm blew through western and central Pennsylvania along with other areas of the northeast Sunday afternoon, and evening, April 28. The nearest tornado to touch down was in Indiana County. Strong winds, rain and hail caused minor damage, such as uprooted trees and fallen limbs, for many. Locally, a building under construction in Mundys Corner was heavily damaged.

The 60- by 100-foot structure is owned by John Hamyula and is located next to his Tee Time business. Mr. Hamula is planning to operate an indoor golf course along with a custard stand in the building. He had hoped to open by June 1, but the damage suffered will probably delay his plan by several months. The roof trusses, which had taken a crane a week to put in place, all collapsed into the interior and severely damaged at least one wall. Mr. Hamula claims that the contractor has insurance to cover the loss, which will involve the removal and replacement of the trusses and other damaged sections of the building. Work at the site has not continued.

After that blustery introduction the last weekend of April, the winds remained strong throughout the week and the temperatures fluctuated from overnight lows in the thirties to at least one day reaching 70 degrees. Another storm struck the Blacklick Valley early Thursday morning, May 2. This one was full of sound and furious lightening and plenty of rain but had much less wind than the week-opening storm.

The heavy rains from these and subsequent storms finally gave a good test to the new sewer lines installed last year. The results were encouraging. Much less storm water is getting into the sewer lines and thus reducing the amount of untreated water that bypasses the treatment plant. Nevertheless, there is still a significant infiltration of storm runoff leaking into the sewer lines. The heavy rains and increased water flow into the treatment plant now may be traced to the rise in the Blacklick Creek. The authority engineer suspects the creek, since the overflow occurs so quickly after a rain.

The dredging and flood control work along the Blacklick Creek and Davis Run also had their first test. The water level rose significantly but came nowhere near flood stage.

What next?

Since the razing of the Nuns' Home on Roberts Street, many are speculating on what the church will do with the property. Some feel that it should be made into a parking lot for the parish while others believe a playground for the St. Mary's School students would be more appropriate. Perhaps it can be both.

Meanwhile, The Pike Grace Brethren Church has torn down its parsonage and a two-car garage and has definite plans for the property. They are going to build an 80- by 160-foot recreational/social hall with a basketball floor and cooking facilities. Both the church and the school it operates will use the building.

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Burma Shave

Those of us who remember the era of the Burma Shave signs should enjoy this! For those of you who never saw the Burma Shave signs, here is a quick lesson in our history of the 1930's and '40's. Before the Interstates, when everyone drove the old two-lane roads, Burma Shave signs would be posted all over the countryside. There was a set just outside Nanty Glo on Buelah Road before reaching Springfield. They were small red signs with white letters. Five signs, about 100 feet apart, each containing one line of a four-line couplet..and the obligatory fifth sign advertising Burma Shave, a popular shaving cream. Didn't we have fun then?

Here are a few of the actual signs:

*** Burma Shave***

More on future days.          —Sent by Bob Kennedy

Thought for the day

Never believe anything until it has been officially denied.

Claud Cockburn

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