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Good Morning Nanty Glo!
Friday, May 17 2002

Another Twin Rocks

Over the years I've looked up Twin Rocks on some of the major search engines but had never found Twin Rocks, Oregon, before (though it is there now). But Sallie and Dominic Covolo found it on Route U.S. 101, better known to high school Spanish students everywhere as El Camino Real, while driving up the coast to their son's wedding in Washington State. Dominic, who grew up about three miles from the real Twin Rocks (in Nanty Glo), had to get his picture taken by the sign for Twin Rock, Oregon. I've reduced the photo so much that you may not realize there's a railroad track next to the trees on the right, but that and the rich Oregon green give the locale a familiar look.

Comparisons may end there, however, as somewhere across the street is an endless beach gently sloping down to the endless Pacific Ocean. And this Twin Rocks, unlike the real one, still has its twin rocks to prove whence its name. Sallie found the photo below on another web site, which captures them, proudly resisting the efforts of the endlessly beating Pacific to turn them into sand.

You'll also find the lyrics and the chords of a "folk rock" kind of song named "Twin Rocks, Oregon," on the 'net if you look. So maybe that is the "real" Twin Rocks after all. I was tempted, on getting the photo, to look into starting a web page for that other Twin Rocks to be a sister page to ours, to match our sister page for Nanty Glo to Nantyglo, Wales. But considering how little action is on the UK site, it didn't take much to give me second thoughts.

» On other news, I want to thank Tribune-Democrat columnist Hugh Conrad for a great write-up about our favorite local cause, the Nant-Y-Glo Tri-Area Museum and Historical Society, in Monday's paper. (It was not carried on the T-D website, so I can't link to it.) And I'm doubly grateful for the very kind plugs the article gave this web endeavor and your humble servant. (And thanks to Judy Rose for scanning the article for me.)

—Webmaster Jon Kennedy

Democrats do it, too - 3

Ann Coulter, author of a book intended to disclose lies the mass media present about American conservatives, defends President Bush and other Republicans (Dan Quayle?) who have been accused of intelligence gaps by citing embarrassing but rarely quoted goofs made by the Democratic opposition. For example...

U.S. Senator Barbara Boxer: "Those who survived the San Francisco earthquake said, 'Thank God I'm still alive.' But, of course, those who died, their lives will never be the same again."

—Reported by Matt Drudge

Thought for the day

You know that children are growing up when they start asking questions that have answers.

John J. Plomp

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