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Good Morning Nanty Glo!
Thursday, May 16 2002

Dogmas V - responses

I've had two responses to the dogmas series, appropriately on each side of the issues, so I'll conclude the series today with them. After having had all the "first words," I won't insist on having the last word by making any counterpoints in response. Anyone else who would like to jump in from any perspective is still welcome to do so —jon.

Priestly celibacy


I did a google search and came up with the subject "Priest Celibacy" written by the Wheeling, West Virginia, diocese. The final paragraph states "Christ was celibate and priests are faithful to Christ's call in Matthew [Mt. 19:10-12] to make ourselves 'eunuchs for the kingdom'; that is, give ourselves wholly and totally over to the mission of Jesus Christ, priest, prophet, and king."

Matthew [9:10-12] includes, "Some men are incapable of sexual activity from birth; some have been diliberately made so; and some there are who have freely renounced sex for the sake of God's reign. Let him accept this teaching who can."

"So what!" is the response a real Catholic believer can expect from a dissenter to the above biblical citation. Even Christ says that priest celibacy isn't easy.


Unmarried priesthood, birth control, and divorce

In your Jonal you 'requested some insight as to why the RC church requires its priests to remain unmarried. Here is what I was told by [a priest] when I posed the question to him.

The "church" wants its priests to remain unmarried because they are counselors... marriage..spiritual, etc. The church believes they are better able to counsel married couples if they aren't burdened by their own marital situations and possibly prejudices formed from being married. [Another man] says that he "knows" the following to be true: A priest must not marry so he can give his complete life and total love to God and the "church."

I'm inclined to think...If I have a marital problem the best person to counsel me would be someone who at least has some inkling as to what I'm talking about..someone who is married. From my own experience, the stock answer given is..."Pray to God for guidance."

I hope that gives you a little insight...hopefully others have written with better explanations...I was a convert, but spent very little time in church...I saw to it that my kids were baptized and had their first Holy Communion etc., but other than that, sad to say I wasn't much of a religious example for them.

I deeply resented the church's position on birth control...they have no business in your bedroom...forcing people who have basically come to hate each other to stay married. I went to confession only once, and hated it...I think now because I hated the priest.

I think the RC church prefers "blind believers" who don't question the dogma...they want you to be like sheep...just following along without question...but I did question... and I didn't like some of the answers I got.

I'm not being very kind to the "church" here...please don't use my name.


Democrats do it, too - 2

Ann Coulter, author of a book intended to disclose lies the mass media present about American conservatives, defends President Bush and other Republicans (Dan Quayle?) who have been accused of intelligence gaps by citing embarrassing but rarely quoted goofs made by the Democratic opposition. For example...

Former Attorney General Janet Reno: "I will always wait until a jury has spoken before I anticipate what they will do."

—Reported by Matt Drudge

Thought for the day

There are as many wolves within the fold as there are sheep without.

— St. Augustine 354-430

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