Happy Birthday, Bill Martin
A Nanty Glo friend writes that Saturday is the 63rd birthday of Bill Martin, for many years the Nanty Glo Bureau Chief of the Mainline Newspapers (the Journal) and the town's historian. If you'd like to send him a card or note, his address is 1220 Lloyd Street, Nanty Glo, PA 15943.
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Good Morning Nanty Glo!
Friday, March 8 2002

Passages: Steve Lester (4)

Concluding the thread beginning here on Tuesday on the passing of my close friend, Steve Lester....

More than any other employer or boss I've ever had, Steve Lester took efforts to turn professional or workplace relationships into long-term friendships. When the Writers Connection was going strong, he and Meera hosted several Christmas-season parties to bring everyone involved together. He also, occasionally, employed an uncle and several first cousins to help in work-intensive projects, and thus we all got acquainted with a cross-section of his extended family. Even after the Writers Connection was history, there were occasional dinner parties and larger parties, the last of which, in my experience, was a Sunday afternoon get-together of several dozen friends and relatives, last summer, to celebrate Steve's recovery after his heart transplant operation.

Not only was the second mile traveled to make sure there were social besides work and professional contacts, you came to know Steve as someone you could turn to for helpful advice, and my experience was that he actually considered such requests and tried to help. I never asked for a loan or advance on salary, but I knew that if I told him I was looking for work or more income, he would try to help me find some, either in his own enterprises or outside.

Though his projects never made the millions he hoped for in youth, he was always successful and invested in the success of those around him, the whole purpose of the Writers Connection being to help its members get published and make money on their writing or writing-related work.

I've spent a whole week of the Jonal memorializing this because such friends are rare, at least in my experience. Even though probably no one else on the Jonal list ever met Steve Lester, his style of living and giving back can be an example to everyone, so it's been my hope that through this you could get to know him, indirectly, too.

—Webmaster Jon Kennedy

White House language (third of four)

The White House not only has a new team, but a whole new language. President George W. Bush has brought with him many friends from Texas, and for anyone not born in the Lone Star State, the Texan accent and the cowboy colloquialisms can seem a bit strange.

Here is a guide to a few of the more colorful expressions they might encounter:

9. Just because a chicken has wings doesn't mean it can fly.
Appearances can be deceptive.

10. This ain't my first rodeo.
I've been around awhile.

11. He looks like the dog's been keepin' him under the porch.
Not the most handsome of men.

12. They ate supper before they said grace.
Living in sin.

—Sent by Mike Harrison

It isn't enough

It isn't enough to say in our hearts
That we like a man for his ways,
It isn't enough that we fill our minds
With paeans of silent praise;
Nor is it enough that we honor a man
As our confidence upward mounts,
It's going right up to the man himself,
And telling him so that counts!
If a man does a work you really admire,
Don't leave a kind word unsaid,
In fear that to do so might make him vain
And cause him to "lose his head."
But reach out your hand and tell him,
"Well done," and see how his gratitude swells;
It isn't the flowers we strew on the grave,
It's the word to the living that tells.

Sent by Judy Martin

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