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Good Morning Nanty Glo!
               Thursday, June 6 2002 

Thises and thats

Yesterday I cleaned up our Home Page links page. Interesting how many of the seemingly strongest beginner pages are now gone. Jomar Plastics' page changed locations several times, but has now vanished, leaving no trace. Askew-Houser offered to send obituaries when it requested a link, but never did. Its page has vanished now, too. The Boring and Lindrose family pages have turned into "page not founds." Meanwhile, all the pages using the Nanty Glo Home Page server continue as they began (or have evolved) despite their commitment to this fly-by-night too-good-to-be-true freebie noncommercial page service. Hmmm.

The nature of worldwide web pages is that if they're not evolving, they atrophy. I checked out the Southern Alleghenies links page, which was the best of its kind serving our part of Pennsylvania when I first discovered it. But many if not most of the links on it are now out of business. Whole major Johnstown-based Internet service companies have come and gone in the nearly five years we've been publishing the Home Page. I guess most industries have followed similar patterns. In the 1940's there may have been two dozen companies making home appliances...now there are about three, and most of the "brands" (RCA, for example) are fronts for a French electric multinational. Sears can now sell all the major brands because they can all be delivered to the stores in the same truck. Well...I exaggerate, as usual.

So in this business the AOLs and MSNs, perhaps Earthlink, will survive. The Internet Public Access Companies (the first server company on which I created pages), will wither and fade away. I've expressed my appreciation for the upgrade of the Tribune-Democrat pages which began April 1. The Mainline Newspapers, however, have gone in the other direction. They've been putting two stories per paper online each week, but now the stories are little more than teasers for buying the paper at Sheetz. Sorry, Sheetz is the pride of Western Pennsylvania, but they don't have stores out my way.

To the credit of both the Tribune-Democrat and Mainline Newspapers services, they have registration, but it's optional...you can read the content without having to log on. Though logging on can provide specialized services for those who desire them, requiring it is always a mistake. The motif of the Internet is user friendliness, and nothing's more unfriendly than requiring users to come up with another user name and password, and expect them to remember them. Newspapers like the New York and Los Angeles Times require registration, logging in, remembering a password (or sharing one that you may use for critical private purposes). So long as papers like the Washington Post and Sacramento Bee take the high road and stay friendly, there's no reason to link stories on our sister page, Xnmp, to those who require the added aggravation. Life's too short.

And here endeth Thursday's rant.

—Webmaster Jon Kennedy


The old Cherokee chief sat in his reservation hut smoking the
ceremonial pipe and eyeing the two US government officials sent to interview him.

"Chief Two Eagles," one official began, "you have observed the white man for many generations, you have seen his wars and his products, you have seen all his progress and all his problems."

The chief nodded.

The official continued, "Considering recent events, in your opinion where has the white man gone wrong?"

The chief stared at the government officials for over a minute, and then calmly replied:

"When white man found this land Indians were running it. No taxes. No debt. Plenty buffalo. Plenty beaver. Women did most of the work. Medicine man free. Indian men hunted and fished all the time."

The chief smiled and added quietly, "White man dumb enough to think he could improve system like that."

— Sent by Mike Harrison

Thought for today

To know God it is necessary that we be like God to some degree, for things wholly dissimilar cannot agree and beings wholly unlike can never have communion with each other. It is necessary therefore that we use every means of grace to bring our souls into harmony with the character of God.

— A. W. Tozer
Sent by Judy Martin

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