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Good Morning Nanty Glo!
               Wednesday, June 5 2002 

Moonlight swims

The weather report on the Home Page says it was 71 degrees at 10 p.m. in Johnstown last night. Great early June night for a moonlight swim at White Mill's B.A.B. or, for short, "the beach." Judy Rose sent photos of it a couple of days ago, and I've stitched two of them (unprofessionally) as you see here to display it as I best remember it.

You can't tell it now, but the tree hanging over the water on the far side, center, had a rope swing from which daredevils (not I) flew over the deepest part of the hole to plunge in. They could also dive from the far bank, but I didn't learn to dive until college PE classes at JCP, which used the then-downtown Y for its swim classes.

I came to night swims reluctantly, when the two neighbor guys close to my age, Sonny and Ed, invited me to walk to the Beach with them around 8 p.m. one June evening when I was probably 15, they a little older. At least, I thought, I wouldn't have to worry about my major problem with swimming, sunburn, or the even worse—embarrassing—often swimming with a T-shirt on to keep from being burned. I see kids do that now and nobody pays attention...it's really a different time.

There were fireflies buzzing over the water by the time we arrived at deep dusk and we first made a fire in the fire ring, which you can see now just as it was 45 years ago, to keep the mosquitoes away, provide light and, preeminently, warmth to dry by after the swimming. My teeth chattered at the thought of getting into the water in this brisk evening air, but there was no turning back. So foot after foot I descended, and experienced one of life's great pleasures...water that was warmer than the air above. Ahhhh.

From then on I was hooked; nothing but moonlight swims for me.

Moonlight swimming has obvious advantages for skinny dipping, too. But that's another topic. For 10 extra points, tell us who had the hit record, Moonlight Swim?      

—Webmaster Jon Kennedy

Burma Shavers (last of series)

The Burma Shave sign set shown today was chosen for preservation in the Smithsonian Institution. The animation is borrowed from the Fifties Web Burma Sign page. Check it out for more lore about the signs and the product.


Thought for today

I do not fear computers. I fear the lack of them.

— Isaac Asimov

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