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Good Morning Nanty Glo!

Saturday, July 13 2002


Vintondale front porch panorama from 1940s
Second Valley history from old Journals and NTAMHS

A quiet Fourth of July in the Valley
Nanty Glo gazebo dedicated; beautification project
Vintondale AMD & Art Park taking shape
Reunion record hop for 2002 set for August 3
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David Caldwell's weekly roundup
of news affecting Blacklick Valley

CCACC Receives Accreditation

After 10 years of hard work by many individuals, Cambria County Area Community College has received accreditation from the Middle States Commission on Higher Education. This achievement seemed very much in doubt last winter when President Kathleen Davis resigned, along with other key personnel. The school's trustees, chaired by Joe Mangarella, quickly hired an experienced administrator, Dr. Kingsmore. He proved to be the right person to pull everyone together to get all the necessary items in order.

Congressman John Murtha attained a $600,000 grant to purchase a computer system that the Commission required for accreditation. The next move for CCACC will be a physical one when it transfers its operations to the lower floor of the Greater Johnstown Career and Technology Center. Consolidation was another requirement for accreditation. Now that his work and term is completed, Dr. Kingsmore has left and Anna Weitz has been hired as president of CCACC. It is reported that attendance is up this summer with high expectations for better things to come for the students and the citizens of Cambria County.

Jackson power project

Officials for Conectiv Energy assured supervisors and citizens of Jackson Township that the proposed Rager Mountain power project is moving forward but will still require another year to complete all the permits. The 1,100-megawatt plant will provide power generated from the use of natural gas. The construction phase of the plant will provide at least 200 jobs and the operation of the plant will provide 30 to 50 full-time jobs. The officials are certain that local laborers will have the necessary skills to operate a power generating plant.

Pensioners worried

Retirees of Bethlehem Steel Corporation are very concerned over the financial condition of their former employer, which is still responsible for their pensions and healthcare benefits. Although Bethlehem has not operated in this area for many years, it still is the source of millions of dollars in the local economy. Should Bethlehem default on its obligations to local workers, it would have a damaging effect on the entire region.

Rock dumps gone?

Many older residents remember the hydrogen sulfide (rotten egg) smell that used to greet everyone who entered Nanty Glo via Pergrim Hill. Thankfully, that pungent odor has been gone for years and so too, soon, may be the remaining visual signs of the rock dumps. Ebensburg Energy Co. is planning to remove the rock piles along Route 271, that are located in both Nanty Glo and Jackson Township. The Ebensburg Co-Generation Plant will burn the refuse as fuel and return the fly ash and cover it to restore the land. The removal of these dumps will also help to clean local streams, since acid water still drains from the boney piles.


Anyone returning to Nanty Glo this summer: be aware that you may encounter traffic delays should you enter down Pergrim Hill. An alternative route may be a wise choice during working hours on weekdays. Other options are Beulah Road, Cardiff Road, the Ford's Corner Road and 271 south from Twin Rocks. Stay tuned; these options may change.


PERGRIM HILL PROJECT—A two year, $3.7-million project in underway to improve two miles of Route 271 from Nanty Glo to south of the Route 22 interchange near Mundy's Corner. Quaker Sales of Johnstown was awarded the contract. The job involves road widening, intersection and drainage improvements, a new traffic signal, and rehabilitation of a bridge over Pergrim Run. Route 271 will be widened to three lanes from Johnson Street near Rite Aid to the intersection with Pergrim Street to provide a center left-turn lane. The signal will be replaced at Route 271 and Roberts Street. Completion is slated for fall 2003. (Photos and caption by Judy Rose)

Hymns for the over-50 crowd

1."Just A 'Slower' Walk With Thee"
2. "It Is Well With My Soul," but my knees hurt

— Sent by Bob Kennedy

Thought for the day

Humility is a blessed thing if you can find it. Early church fathers wrote that if a man feels that he is getting somewhere in the kingdom of God, that's pride—and until that dies, he is getting nowhere!

A. W. Tozer
Sent by Judy Martin

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