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Good Morning Nanty Glo!
               Thursday, July 11 2002 

McIntire - 3

The rollout of the youth commission of McIntire's International Council of Christian Churches (ICCC) by his son, then going by C. T. McIntire (now known as Thomas McIntire and a well-known historian), on Carl McIntire's radio broadcast was a watershed in my young life; it presented an accessible entry point to personal involvement in the "20th Century Reformation" movement, as McIntire and his followers were calling it by now, 1962-63.

I don't remember how the connection originated, but I got to know a young woman from McIntire's Collingswood, New Jersey, church who was a student at Carnegie Tech (not yet Carnegie-Mellon). She had a boyfriend and an additional male friend at Carnegie who were members of the youth organization, and while I was in the city for a night class I walked across the bridge over the canyon that divides Pitt from Carnegie — and met them in a dormitory, just after Thanksgiving. They were excited about the glee club they were in planning to present Handel's Messiah for Christmas, and their success at persuading the director to include the Scripture readings that are included in Handel's original oratorio, though often omitted when the work is performed. Heady stuff for a coalminer's son/farmboy from Belsano.

With their support, we launched a small newsletter for the Western Pennsylvania Chapter of International Christian Youth and planned an organizational rally at a Baptist church in Indiana, the closest church to Belsano that had affiliation with the ICCC. We invited C. T. McIntire to be a speaker, but our "secret weapon," which got headlines from Nanty Glo to, well, Indiana, was a contemporary from California, John Battle, who had been mercilessly attacked in Life Magazine for exposing his public school homeroom teacher for advocating (as best I recall) pro-Communist doctrines. The event was a great success; C. T. McIntire stayed a night at our humble farmhouse on Redmill Road, and he was impressed by my journalistic attainment (as editor of the Nanty Glo Journal) at age 21.

As a result, in April, 1964, C. T. contacted me to ask if I'd consider becoming managing editor of the Christian Beacon. This was entirely unexpected and seemed miraculous, comparable in my mind to being invited to pursue my profession at the Vatican if I'd been Catholic, I told acquaintances. The younger McIntire didn't play a role in the weekly published by his father, but had recommended me to him on the strength of our meeting. I drove to New Jersey for an interview with Dr. McIntire at the Reformation Building, a refurbished old public school in the center of town. He offered the job at the same salary I was making at the Journal ($70 a week), and in May I made the move out of the home I'd been in most of my life and on to what was to become my "real life."

More to follow.

—Webmaster Jon Kennedy

Dumb crooks

The Ann Arbor News crime column reported that a man walked into a Burger King in Ypsilanti, Michigan, at 5 a.m., flashed a gun and demanded cash. The clerk said he couldn't open the cash register without a food order. When the man ordered onion rings, the clerk said they weren't available for breakfast. The man, frustrated, walked away.

— Sent by Mike Harrison

Thought for today

It has been said that "The Scriptures, to be understood, must be read with the same Spirit that originally inspired them." No one denies this, but even such a statement will go over the heads of those who hear it unless the Holy Spirit inflames the heart!

A. W. Tozer
Sent by Judy Martin

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