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Tuesday, January 15 2002

Destructive thought forms

It seems to me that having a concept like logismoi (as introduced here yesterday and defined loosely as "thought forms") makes it easier to spot mental temptations and ward them off. Even when I'm not entirely successful, having the constant flow of thoughts in categories that make them more recognizable helps strengthen the "character muscles" or spiritual resolve to fight against temptations.

If anyone is thinking this is about "religion" or this writer's own religion and therefore not worth his or her time to consider, let me say it should be helpful not only to Christians but to humanists and agnostics who want to be better examples of their approaches to life as well. Anyone who wants to come across as genteel, or nice to be around, or having an "integrated personality" free of destroying demons, or even "safe" among weaker members of the race and children, may gain from learning to direct impulsive thoughts away, or in a more positive direction.

Among Christians, the most besetting and upsetting logismoi may be obscene or blasphemous thoughts that pop up (not uncommonly, it seems) while waiting to receive Holy Communion or when beginning to pray. To the more humanistic or naturalistic person, the unwanted thoughts may be more along the lines of feeling hateful or aggressive toward people who get in the way or are annoying in other ways, or being grouchy when a sweeter disposition would have been appropriate or "nicer."

Even people who may think that "lustful thoughts," generally speaking, can be fun and harmless (subscribers of Playboy or Showtime, for example), probably recognize needs for limits. Lusting after others who are illegal by being too young, or members of their own family, or another species, for example, could lead to illegal acts that destroy their lives. So even free thinkers may benefit from keeping their thoughts from being totally untamed or unrestrained. This applies to all those people, too, who feel monogamous partnering is to be preferred to its alternatives, because lustful logismoi are the first step toward behavior that undermines one-to-one commitment.

Webmaster Jon Kennedy


A man was sleeping when his wife shook him and said, "Wake up! Someone is breaking in!" The man had gone through this almost every night for 20 years, but he knew that the only way he would get any rest was to go and check it out. This time, however, there was a man with a gun who entered to rob the house.

As the thief was about to leave, the man said, "You have to go and meet my wife."

"Why would you want me to meet your wife?" the thief asked.

"She's been expecting you for 20 years," he replied.

—Sent by Mike Harrison

Thought for the day

Faith is good only when it engages truth; when it is made to rest upon falsehood it can and often does lead to eternal tragedy.

—Oswald Chambers
Sent by Judy Martin

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