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Good Morning Nanty Glo!
Happy New Year
Friday, January 11 2002

Horatio hornblower

At the risk of tooting my own horn, in moving on from my New Jersey topic I want to catch you up on some developments on the Home Page. Beginning with the "Christmas decorating" after Thanksgiving, more changes have been wrought on the site than at any time in the preceding two years. Both the Christmas lights gallery last month and the snow gallery now and the "slide shows" from those galleries that have graced the front page have signalled a new plateau in being current on and in Blacklick Valley, despite your webmaster's residence some 2700 miles from our mutual "home."

My unpaid vacation over Christmas-New Year's was a big contributor to making the innovations possible (by giving me time to work on them), but an even more vital contributor has been Judy Burkhart Rose, our Jackson Township native, now Revloc resident who has been getting photographic glimpses of the Valley for us since the Reunion Record Hop at the Nanty Glo Firehall last August. She has a good eye and the most important factor in being a journalist, enthusiasm for getting the goods.

On Thursday morning, the front page featured a photo of Wednesday evening's sunset on the snowfall outside Judy's house, a new "record" for timeliness for the Home Page. Though Judy had been sending collections of snow photos over the past week, ironically with this one she commented that it was just a pretty shot, not expecting me to use it. But it's one of my favorites and I think it perfectly rounds out the recent slide show generated by the spate of snowfalls chilling most of the Eastern United States.

My personal meager main contributions to all the innovations have been the 2002 calendar and ever-evolving navigation column with the zippy pop-up menus added to the front page last month and still being tweaked and massaged, even as we write. On Thursday I added rollover color variation to the main menu, and is being added to all the others (this cosmetic, but cool, innovation works only in Microsoft Internet Explorer browsers).

One Home Page visitor reported problems with the page not opening on his computer from the time the pop-up menus were added. If others have problems, please let me know. Meanwhile, try using http://www.nantyglo.com/site.indx.htm as an alternate portal to the site, or the previous front page, http://www.nantyglo.com/index2001.htm. The scrolling marquee on that page will not be updated to show recent additions, but this newsletter/webpage is always the most up-to-date source of additions anyway.

Webmaster Jon Kennedy

Survivors of the test of time

An economist's view of full employment is when all of his friends have a job.

A recession is when you get laid off.

A depression is when the economist gets laid off.

—Sent by Joseph Pelayo

Thought for the day

Your tongue longs to jump into arguments, but restrain it. It is a tyrant, and you must fight it daily seventy times seven.

—St. John Climacus, 525-606
Sent by Stepehn Paul

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