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Good Morning Nanty Glo!
Happy New Year
Wednesday, January 2 2002


If there was anything surprising about New Year's eve this year it was that when midnight struck, I felt nothing. Less than a decade ago, I was excited with my boys as they ran out into the street when the firecrackers were going off to signal the new year and the time for them to bang their spoons against pans. Most new year's eves of my life have been somewhat momentuous. In youth I made resolutions, made lists of things to accomplish next year, made sure my income, expense, and petty cash (all there was) statements were done before the year's end, and procured calendars. I loved Andy Rogalski's pictures in the Journal those years when there was a "first baby born," and it seemed there really was an old man with a sythe exiting stage right while the babe entered on the left.

About five years ago I was calling friends from church to get a party together for New Year's Eve; it seemed important. This year I probably wouldn't have accepted such an invitation. I was alone writing email and that was fine. It wasn't timed for midnight December 31, but even this year, however, I decided some time back that beginning January 1 I would take off the extra pounds I've been adding since my vacation last August. Not much of a resolution, as it's a matter of life and death, but some goal to work on.

I've always been a believer in personal reformation, renewal, conversion. My theology prof in seminary said that in the Psalms David indicates he has been converted repeatedly through renewing his faith and commitment in God, which put the concept into a new perspective to me, making it more (or less?) than the once-and-for-all transaction I'd thought it to be previously. Repentance, changing directions from backward to forward, is a way of life, even for Calvinists like my professor. Just about everything in our world encourages us to think of resolutions as good intentions being made to be broken.

But that, even when a new year has lost most of its thrill and luster, is no reason to stop making them.

Has a resolution ever changed your life? Any memorable attempts to keep them...or fail to?

Webmaster Jon Kennedy


The United States has just completed work on a new missile, nicknamed "Civil Servant." It doesn't work and they can't fire it.

What's the definition of a teenager? God's punishment for enjoying sex.

Transvestite: A guy who likes to eat, drink, and be Mary!

—Sent by Mike Harrison

Thought for the day

Whenever I am confronted with a decision, I ask myself, "What is the most generous thing to do?" It never fails.

—I. Allende

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