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Good Morning Nanty Glo!
Thursday, February 28 2002


University campuses are both the cutting edge to the future and receptacles preserving the past; inherently both progressive and conservative. The university is tasked with paving the way for the future and preparing those who'll create its innovations and serve in its elective and appointed positions of power, its professions, courts, and boardrooms, and does so by imparting the experience and wisdom of the past into the minds that go through its musty corridors. Except for the newer buildings and the cattle barns being farther from the center of campus, Penn State still looks much the same as it did when I first saw it in the '50s. Oxford still takes pride in the distinctive architecture of England's first great architect, Christopher Wren, who was designing academic facilities there in the 1600s.

As we walked the three-quarters of a mile from the parking place we finally found in Berkeley Sunday afternoon, Michael Masterson observed that for being home to the biggest aggregation of environmentalists in the western world, Berkeley usually has exceptionally cluttered litter-strewn streets and sidewalks. But even more in evidence than the garbage in the gutters is the "garbage" on sale on row on row of sidewalk vendors' tables and bins. If your last tie-dye T-shirt from the '70's has finally been thrown out by a sneaky mate, here's the place to find all the replacements you'll ever need, along with any pro-drug, pro-abortion, obscene, anti-establishment and anti-war (yes, even this war) bumper sticker, postor, or bongs or bongos you can bang. It's been this way since I started visiting here regularly in the late '60's.

Cal Berkeley, UC Santa Cruz, and UC Santa Barbara are the campuses where the counter-culture wasn't just a fad or phase, but a new reality that took root to stay. I hear that the University of Wisconsin in Madison is in that small clique; NYU and the New School in Manhatten may also share many of the same trappings. Both the Santa Cruz and Santa Barbara environments are less cluttered, but the rock culture of the Beatles-Janice Joplin-Dylan era still reigns in the hearts of most of the street vendors, many of whom probably have graduate degrees, or should have for the time they've spent, at the university three blocks away. Their long stringy hair and beards are grey now, their faces weathered and wrinkled, only but their outsides seem changed by time.

Will Berkeley ever have a new look more appropriate to its prestige and affluence. No doubt, I said to Mike, but not I'm betting until long after my time.

—Webmaster Jon Kennedy

Nominees for driver of the year - 2

—Sent by Mike Harrison
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Candle of hope

One of the best things we can do for anyone is to light a candle of hope—not a false hope but a hope based on the greatest reality there is:

  • the reality of God's forgiveness;
  • the reality of God's strength for our everyday need;
  • the reality of His guidance for our confusion;
  • the reality of Christ's victory over death;
  • the reality of God's infinite love in Christ..

—Anthony M. Coniaris
Daily Vitamins for Spiritual Growth

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