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Good Morning Nanty Glo!
Wednesday, February 27 2002

Favorite campuses

My friend Mike Masterson suggested that we drive up to Berkeley after church on Sunday, to browse used book stores. I'm always on the lookout for Jack Burgan's novels, published around 1950 and at least one of them set in a Blacklick Valley locale. I've learned about him through Denise Weber, Vintondale historian, who describes him as a Vintondale native who took most of his public schooling there, but moved to Johnstown before high school graduation. He died young in a small-plane accident in California, where he was a newspaperman at the time, so I've wanted to get to know him better.

My love of campuses (described yesterday) is an extension of my youthful vocation and lifelong avocation of working with teens and young adults. My teen column begat the youth and campus ministry that I conducted for about 20 years during and after my own college years. That culminated at Stanford University, adjacent to Palo Alto, approximately 30 miles south of San Francisco, where I spent 11 years and which, incidentally in my opinion, is the most beautiful campus of all. But most of them, from Johnstown Pitt's in Richland, to Indiana U of Pa., to Penn State, St. Francis and on are places that soothe the soul yet quicken the pulse and pace. The natural beauty of manicured lawns and shady groves enhance, and are enhanced by, the manicured beauty of youthful forms and faces.

My trip Jonal entries last August mentioned visiting Oxford, England, which I've visited three or four times now, but never with enough time to really soak up the both beautiful and historic place (it's the world's second-oldest university, dating from just after the founding of the University of Paris). Though most English tours (and many other European ones, including those of Ireland) are centered on Cathedrals and castles, I'd be just as pleased to spend time on all the campuses, though I realize people with less academically inclined tastes might find that of less interest. But think —going to a university for a visit is second only to going there for an education.

Berkeley (which is the general nickname for the main campus of the University of California) is not one of the most beautiful campuses, not even in the UC system. But it's one of the most alive and interesting ones. More about that kind of campuses next time.

—Webmaster Jon Kennedy

Nominees for driver of the year - 1

—Sent by Mike Harrison

Can God trust you?

God has entrusted you with gifts, with influence in people's lives, with money, with the message about His Son, with a part of His work on earth. God has even trusted you with His reputation. By becoming a part of your life, He knows that people's opinion of Him may, in part, be based on what they see in you. Yes, God has called you to trust Him. But don't forget that God is trusting you, as well.

—Ron Hutchcraft
Sent by Jim Martin

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