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Good Morning Nanty Glo!
Monday, February 25 2002

Guest postcard by Judy Rose
Memorial to Sandra Gillin Gideos

On Saturday February 23, a group of people gathered at St. Paul's Lutheran Church in Mundy's Corner to say goodbye to Sandra Gillin Gideos. "Sandy," to those who knew her well, passed away February 20 at home with her devoted husband Bill at her side. Sandy was unique and special to each person there...a loving wife, sister, aunt, and friend. A gentle soul, compassionate and kind, with an infectious laugh and a lust for life that inspired all who knew her.

The first person featured in Where Are They Now, the interview for the feature was also the last lengthy visit we had together.....we talked of childhood and growing up together, summer camp and record hops, Nanty Glo and mutual friends, choir practice and St. Paul's Church, just remembering and laughing....

In delicate health for many years, her spirit, optimism, and faith in God never wavered. She was one of the bravest people I've ever known. She touched our hearts and lives with her charm and grace, and we'll miss her.

—Judy Rose


"Two for one"

"Friends helping friends"


—Sent by Mike Harrison

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