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Good Morning Nanty Glo!
President's Day               Monday, February 18 2002  

Where are they now?
Dominic Covolo

Born in Nanty Glo, February 26, 1935, Dominic Covolo is a graduate of Nanty Glo High School in the class of 1953 and the Williamsport Technical Institute, Williamsport. He did service in the U.S. Army from 1954 to '57, doing his tour of duty in France.

Dominic has been married to Asheville, North Carolina, native, the former Sallie Cornelia Miller, since January 26, 1962 and they are the parents of three grown children and grandparents to six girls and one boy. Employment as a machinist has taken Dominic from Cleveland, Ohio, to San Jose, California. Retired since 2000, Dominic and Sallie now reside in Galt, Ca., where he pursues his hobbies of fishing, houseboating, hiking, and touring the country in his VW camper.

The son of a coalminer and grandson of grocery store owner Franco Bendinelli, Dominic has fond memories of hometown Nanty Glo. "What I miss most about Nanty Glo is the small town atmosphere, where you knew almost everyone, and there were good churches and schools, and good old-fashioned values."

Anyone wishing to say hello to Dominic can reach him at Covolo@Softcom.net, or write at 1120 Pinto Trail Drive, Galt, Ca. 95632. Telephone, (209) 745-6316.

Why tachers go crazy-3

SUBSTITUTE TEACHER: Are you chewing gum?
BILLY: No, I'm Billy Anderson.


TEACHER: Didn't you promise to behave?
STUDENT: Yes, Sir.
TEACHER: And didn't I promise to punish you if you didn't?
STUDENT: Yes, Sir, but since I broke my promise, I don't expect you to keep yours.


TEACHER: Tommy, why do you always get so dirty?
TOMMY: Well, I'm a lot closer to the ground than you are.

Sent by Mike Harrison

When prayers are not "answered"

The pastor calls his peole to pray. The tide of feeling runs high and it looks for a while as if the [answer] might be on the way. But it fails to arrive and the zeal for prayer begins to flag. Soon the [people are] back where [they were] before and a numb discouragement settles over everyone. What has gone wrong? Simply this: Neither the leaders nor the people have made any effort to obey the Word of God. They felt that their only weakness was failure to pray, when actually in a score of ways they were falling short in the vital matter of obedience!

Oswald Chambers
Sent by Judy Martin

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