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Good Morning Nanty Glo!
               Wednesday, December 18 2002 

Jon Kennedy, webmaster Angels and holy people

Today's entry is the final response received on the topics of angels and "holy people," living saints and such. We plan a transition on the topic for tomorrow and may turn to our Santa Claus discussion on Friday, so please get your responses in (see below). Since we've been concentrating on visitations by angels for about a week, I've rearranged the following to put that part of it at the beginning. —Webmaster Jon Kennedy

Angels After reading Mary Ann's and your experiences along the Turnpike, I am beginning to think that the Turnpike must be a hangout for angels, for I, too, had an unusual experience there. In 1958, I was returning from New Jersey on the Turnpike. Near one of the Harrisburg exits a universal joint broke on my drive shaft, leaving me with no means of moving. Fortunately, I was able to coast off onto a grassy area.

After surveying the problem, I walked to the exit. A fellow in a pickup truck stopped and asked whether I needed help. After hearing my problem, he drove me into Harrisburg to an auto parts store, waited while I purchased the part, then drove me back out to the Turnpike. He refused the money I offered and even seemed embarrassed when I thanked him profusely. I walked a few yards toward the Turnpike tollbooth then stopped to wave. The truck was nowhere in sight.

~     ~     ~

I have been meaning to respond to some of your subjects but never seem to have enough time. I don't recall ever meeting someone with charisma as you describe. I do believe in saintly individuals living among us and strongly believe that Mother Teresa was a saint. I also believe she had a charisma about her that influenced others. However, from what I have read, for the most part, she was a hands-on type individual. She literally touched people and moved them in ways that most charismatic religious leaders wouldn't even comprehend. I am not up on saintly people but I am sure there are many more, living and dead, who have touched people as did Mother Teresa.

In my opinion, Christianity has moved too much toward preaching, pontificating, judging, and holding ritualistic meetings. Christianity needs more workers and fewer preachers who condemn us to hell for not obeying the Bible as they interpret it. I AM SURE THAT Billy Graham and other evangelists are well-meaning, God-fearing individuals but they don't understand Christ and His message the way Mother Teresa and other missionaries do.

Several years ago I had an opportunity to talk, one on one, with a missionary home on leave from Africa. He lamented that most people and especially ministers saw his job as going to Africa to save the souls of those heathen from hell and damnation. First of all, he didn't consider them heathens but God's children. He eventually hoped to convert them to Christianity but, in the meantime, he taught them basic hygiene, compassion, and respect for themselves and others. He taught them to grow and cultivate crops with which to feed their families.

He was very upset that the Pope had gone to Africa and warned the people against birth control because he daily witnessed the effects of overpopulation. He had to attend to mothers dying in childbirth after having too many children. He would have to find homes or an orphanage for children abandoned when their parents could no longer provide for them. He believed that Christ came to relieve the Jews of the tyrannical rule of the religious leaders whose many laws showed no compassion for the human condition. He felt that today's religious leaders, both Catholic and Protestant, are behaving like the old Jewish religious leaders. They are too caught up in the letter of the laws they have created and have forgotten or never knew the spirit of compassion toward humanity as put forth by Christ.

David Caldwell

Next topic: Santa Claus, pro or con?

Do you "believe in" Santa Claus? Should your children or grandchildren be told the legends, or are they in some way harmful? Alternate: Do you have a favorite Santa Claus anecdote?


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  • You introduce your spouse as your coffeemate.

—Sent by Mary Ann Losiewcz

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