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Good Morning Nanty Glo!
             Monday, December 16 2002  

Lynn Cramer

Where are they now?
Lynn Cramer

Jackson Township native Lynn Cramer was born October 25, 1947, to Donald and Melda (Rose) Cramer. Lynn's siblings include Donald Jr., West Virginia; Mark, East Taylor Township, and sisters Dixie, Florida, and Judy, Mineral Point.

A 1965 graduate of Conemaugh Township High School, Lynn has been divorced since 1977 and is the father of one grown child. His son, Scott, lives in Holland, Michigan, and is the father of three children, Joshua, 8; Kristen, 6, and Camden, 2.

Lynn left our area in 1969. After two years as an underground miner, he decided against mining as a life-long career. "Mining wasn't for me," he says, and he's now the owner of Chrome Dome Excavating Co., based in Baltimore. "We subcontract our heavy equipment and operators to pipeline companies all over the East Coast," he says.

Although Lynn is the owner of the company, he's also one of the heavy equipment operators, which enables him to pursue his hobby of collecting Indian artifacts. "I have about 75 gallons of arrow heads, war axes, and precious stones, and I think some of them are fairly valuable," he says. At out interview, Lynn had with him a black stone carved into the shape of a serpent head. According to Lynn, many of the stones he finds are carved into those shapes.

"Many towns and cities were built atop ancient Indian villages and the digging machines often uncover unusual and interesting items from our Native American history. I have some beautiful rocks, most of which were found while digging water lines. Some of the stones I've found have the original ink the indians used to write on the rocks."

When asked his plans for his extensive artifact collection, he says,"I don't want them to end up in someone's private collection, I want them to go to museums in the locations (cities and towns) where they were found, so the people can enjoy them."

Lynn's favorite memories of "home" are; "fishing and hunting with my dad, uncles, and grandfather.... And I miss the beautiful scenery and the friendly people."

Lynn now lives in Connecticut in the summer and spends his winters in Florida, enjoying the weather and fishing the intercoastal waterway and the ocean, and shrimping in Sebastion Inlet. Lynn says he goes to Florida for four months to "Get out of the winter weather."

"My hope is: industry for this area so there will be more and better employment. And my final wish...that everyone will come to know Christ as their savior."

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You know you've been drinking 'way too much coffee when...

  • You're so jittery that people use your hands to shake paint cans.
  • You walk twenty miles on your treadmill before you realize it's not plugged in.
  • Your taste buds are so numb you could drink your lava lamp.
  • When you call radio talk shows, they ask you to turn yourself down.
  • Your life goal is to amount to a hill of beans.

—Sent by Mary Ann Losiewcz

Thought for today

Our apathy about praise in worship is like an inward chill in our beings. We are under a shadow and we are still wearing the grave clothes. You can sense this in much of our singing in the contemporary church. Perhaps you will agree that in most cases it is a kind of plodding along, without the inward lift of blessing and victory, resurrection joy and overcoming in Jesus' name. Why is this? It is largely because we are looking at what we are, rather than responding to who Jesus Christ is!

—A. W. Tozer
Sent by Judy Martin

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