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Saturday, December 14 2002


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Storm over storm forecast

All school districts in Cambria, Bedford, and Somerset Counties with the exception of Richland Township in Cambria County canceled school on Thursday when TV weather forecasters called for an ice storm that would cause havoc on the highways and probably cause power outages. Although icing did occur, as did some outages, conditions never did get as bad as the weather forecasters predicted. As a result, many school officials were upset about losing a scheduled snow day, which for many is their second when they originally only scheduled two and winter is just beginning. Should more snow days be needed, now, these districts will have to cut vacation days and in-service days to complete the school year on time.

Most school officials are hesitant to act contrary to the predictions of popular weather forecasters. The school officials fear the dire weather predictions will come true and if they send buses out on icy roads and risk the lives of children, they will then face the ire of many parents. On the other hand, the weathermen make predictions that influence the behavior of school officials, businesses, and individuals and they do it knowing full well that meteorological forecasts are subject to the vagaries of Mother Nature. Perhaps, the TV stations would be smart to subdue their PR blurbs about having the most accurate forecasts and admit that they all get their basic information from the government agency, NOAA.

By the way, if the predictions are correct for this morning and afternoon, by tonight, we should have another five to 10 inches of snow and ice.

Laurel Crest workers apprehensive

At the end of December, Conemaugh Health System will take ownership of the county nursing home and the Johnstown-based organization has put Grane Healthcare in charge of the facility with Mark Irwin as administrator. The new management is requiring all current Laurel Crest employees to reapply for their jobs and this move has the employees very concerned about their future at Laurel Crest. The new management has tried to allay their concern by noting that the applications are a required formality and the workers need not be worried about losing their jobs. Nevertheless, a long-time employee at the nursing home expressed just last evening of being apprehensive about losing her job.

Johnstown streets

Valley residents who only occasionally venture to Johnstown will soon find their journey a little easier. The city plans to convert Market and Walnut Streets back to two-way traffic. More than 20 years ago these two streets were made one way to accommodate the rush of traffic during shift changes at the steel mills. Over the years, the one-way streets have proved confusing to drivers unfamiliar with the city and a headache to city residents. The change will take place in a month or so.

On-the-job dictionary

At first I thought my life was going around in circles. Then I took a closer look and realized it's actually a downward spiral.

—Tom Ryan

Thought for today

A fanatic is one who can't change his mind and won't change the subject.

—Sir Winston Churchill

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