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Good Morning Nanty Glo!
               Monday, August 5 2002  

Where are they now? Desmond Warzel

Desmond and Kathy Warzel in recent photo; inset, Desmond's 1966 high school class picture.

Twin Rocks native Desmond Warzel was born January 23, 1949, one of four children born to Desmond and Martha (Anderson) Warzel. Sisters Roberta Hill, Vinco; Kathy Manne, El Paso, Tx., and brother Charles "Chuck" of Rousheville complete the family.

A 1966 graduate of Blacklick Township High School (the 1966 class being the last class to graduate from that school), in 1985 he completed a 12-month course in industrial controls at Admiral Peary Vo-Tech in Ebensburg. Military service in the U.S. Army beginning in 1967 ended in 1970 with an honorable discharge.

Married to Colver native kathy Bracken since May 22, 1970, they are now the parents of five children; Richard, 31; Desmond, Jr., 29; Michael, 28; Dawn, 13, and Lacey, 12. They are grandparents to seven children; twins Kaitlyn and Kairsten, Michael, Astacia, Bryce, Desaray, and Zachary.

Like many young men from our area, Des began his employment years working in the local coal mines. When the mines ceased operations in 1978, the family moved on to Waynesburg, then on to Williamsport for 13 years. The Warzels returned to settle in Belsano in 1998. Given permanent lay-off three months ago from his previous employer, Des has decided to seize the opportunity to start his own business, Warzel and Sons Petroleum Equipment. As independent contractors, they provide service and repair to service station equipment.

The demands of starting a business leave little time for him to dabble in his ham radio hobby or tend a garden. An interest in Blacklick Township history has led to many years of research, and his subsequent collection of volumes of articles, photographs, official documents, and memorabilia from the past. He hopes to have his material published in a book about Blacklick Township history. However the expense of raising a family, maintaining a home, and launching his own business has forced the book project to be put on hold, because the several thousand dollars needed to publish the book just has never been available, but he still has hopes of one day seeing his historical material in print.

The historical material he has collected and researched covers Belsano, Twin Rocks, Red Mill, White Mill, Ivison, Pindleton, and Ragleyville. Des lived in Williamsport when the 8-10 years of research was done. "I would like to see it published rather than lost."

In 1994, after three years of research, he had four Cemetary for Geneology books published, two for Cambria County, and one each for Indiana and Lycoming counties, copies are available at the Nanty Glo and Johnstown Public Libraries, and the Ebensburg Historical Society.

"As a kid, I remember running and playing outside, the hills and valleys....the woods. Ernie's Restaurant...the k& B ...the Miner's Hall...there were places everywhere... there's nothing for kids now. There used to be a place in Belsano called Shutack's....it was an ice cream stand...the owner was a pilot and would fly over the area and drop coupons for things at the ice cream stand."

Anyone wishing to send greetings, can find Des at DustyDes@aol.com.

If you have a suggestion for a subject for Where Are They Now, please write Judy Rose.

Things my mother taught me (series)

My mother taught me about LOGIC
—"Because I said so, that's why!"

Sent by Mike Harrison

Thought for today

Anger, more than the other passions, is likely to trouble and upset the soul. But even anger sometimes earns the soul great benefits. When, in fact, we use it calmly against error or stupidity, to denounce and save, we obtain for the soul additional gentleness, since we are furthering the purposes of justice and divine goodness. And also, when we rouse ourselves strongly against evil, we often make more masculine what is feminine in the soul.... Therefore, one who makes temperate use of anger out of zeal for truth will no doubt be found better, in the time of judgment, than one who out of inertia was never stirred to anger.

Diadochus of Photike, Fifth Century

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