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Good Morning Nanty Glo!
Sunday, April 21 2002


On April 16, Pat and I celebrated our 19th wedding anniversary. I thank God that they have been 19 very good years. One of our foster children once told us that we were weird because we never fight. We have had our differences and a few tense moments but for the most part we get along very well together. I always think back to something Rev. Chalmer Dilling told us in premarital counseling. "Marriage is like a job. The harder you work at it, the more successful it will be."

We have both worked hard and, since it is a partnership, we both had to put forth a lot of effort. One regret that we share is that we never had any children. We like to rationalize that it was for the best since I have a hereditary eye disease and Pat has a congenital neuromuscular disease and we could have passed these on to any children we may have had. We also like to believe that God had a purpose for us in foster care. That is, He wanted us to nurture children abused and abandoned by their own parents. This work has probably put as much stress on our marriage as natural children would have.

We had a very exciting anniversary day. We drove to Wal-Mart in Ebensburg and, while the van was being serviced, we picked up several prescriptions for Pat at the pharmacy. (You take notice that I said, "prescriptions for Pat." Someone asked whether I needed...well, you know what I mean.... And I don't.)

On the way home we stopped at the Meadows for a quart of teaberry ice cream. We then came home and installed a ceiling fan in Pat's sewing room. I am really worried about our 20th anniversary. If the celebration gets any more exciting, it might kill me.

Notes to God

A parochial school teacher asked her class to write notes to God. Here are some of the notes the children handed in:

Dear God: Thank you for the baby brother, but what I prayed for was a puppy.

Dear God: Please send me a pony. I never asked for anything before. You can look it up.

—Sent by Sallie Covolo


Thought for the day

Human nature is not fixed, and for this we should thank God day and night! We are still capable of change. We can become something other than what we are. By the power of the Gospel, the covetous man may become generous, the egotist lowly in his own eyes. The thief may learn to steal no more, the blasphemer to fill his mouth with praises unto God.

A. W. Tozer
Sent by Judy Martin

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