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Good Morning Nanty Glo!
               Monday, April 15 2002  

Where are they now?

Gayleen Little

Born Gayleen Samitore September 17, 1949, in Vintondale, Gayleen is a 1967 graduate of Blacklick Valley High School. Married to Jackson Township native Michael Little since October21, 1967, she and Mike are the parents of three grown children and enjoy two grandchildren.

Galeen Samitore Little, high school
photo left; current snapshot, right

Unlike many of her generation who left the area to pursue careers and interests elsewhere, Gayleen chose to remain in the Blacklick Valley area and now resides in Nanty Glo. Gayleen has been employed by Goodwill Industries for several years, and describes herself as a "Gal Friday doing a little of this and a little of that." When not working, Gayleen pursues her hobbies of sewing ("I made all my children's clothes when they were young"), traveling, and refinishing vintage furniture. She volunteers her time cooking for social events held by local organizations and churches.

Like many residents of our area, when asked what her favorite memories of growing up in Blacklick Valley are, Gayleen remembers with great enthusiasm..."The teen dances at the Miner's Hall"

Anyone who'd like to send greetings can find Gayleen at 20640Ford@aol.com.

More classifieds. Real or fake?

American flag 60 stars pole included $100.
Notice: to person or persons who took the large pumpkin on highway 87 near southridge storage. please return the pumpkin and be checked. Pumpkin may be radioactive. all other plants in vicinity are dead.
Exercise equipment: queen size mattress & box spring - $175.
Joining nudist colony, must sell washer & dryer $300.

Sent by Mike Harrison

Thought for today

Better to be a failure with humility than a success with pride.

—An anonymous monk of the desert

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