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Good Morning Nanty Glo!

Saturday, April 13 2002


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David Caldwell's weekly roundup
of news affecting Blacklick Valley

Around town

The weather in Nanty Glo and the Blacklick Valley had a cold start again this week, with the temperatures going up each day. Yesterday was sunny and nearly 70 degrees. More rain promised by the forecasters failed to fall, leaving the area much too dry for this time of year. The threat of brush fires remains high. Nevertheless, we have received enough rain to give a burst of color from the many blooming daffodils, tulips and hyacinths. Forsythia bushes are also adding to the color of spring....

Partially because of the continuing drought conditions and the lack of support from citizens in watering and maintaining flower boxes around town, the Nanty Glo Beautification Committee announced that they would be placing artificial flowers in the boxes this year. They also reported that the gazebo they are having built will soon be ready to place on the Legion Memorial site on Chestnut Street. This site was chosen because of its central location to vehicular traffic going through the borough and to the pedestrian traffic on the Ghost Town Trail. Borough workers are preparing the ground to receive the gazebo....

The Recreation Authority had to cancel its fundraising dance and will probably have to delay its plans to build a water slide at the Park and Pool. As weather permits, workers will drain the pool and scrape the walls of the pool in preparation for a fresh coat of paint. Unexpected water stopped the digging for footers to build dugouts at McMullin Memorial Field. The Authority is looking for donations and volunteers to help enhance the recreational opportunities in the borough....

Site of former convent.A historical building disappeared Monday, April 1, when a salvage crew finished the demolition of the nuns' home of the Order of St. Agnes that stood on Roberts Street for 81 years. The nuns left the building 10 years ago for a smaller and more economical residence across Roberts Street from St. Mary's Church, the former home and residence of Dr. Charles Porias. Most local citizens probably passed the former nuns' home hundreds of times without noticing it. Now, the vacant area catches ones attention. Church trustees haven't decided what use to make of the location. (Photo: vacant lot formerly occupied by convent; by Judy Rose.)

Politics The court has thrown out the redistricting plan for the 12th Congressional District proposed by the Republican-dominated Pennsylvania Legislature. This decision, which is being appealed, will probably cause the postponement of the spring primary. The court cited the plan's failure to provide equal representation.

Trail extension step Penn Dot this week removed the former C&I Railroad overfpass abutment in Belsano (where three teenagers were killed in a fatal crash in the 1950's). The state highways dept. is going to change the intersection of route 271 and 422 and eliminate the triangle. They are planning to build a pedestrian walkway over route 22 at the site of the former railroad trestle to accomodate another trail branch.

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ID Ten T Error

Young Heather was having trouble with her computer. So she called Jim, the computer guy, over to her desk. Jim clicked a couple buttons and solved the problem. As he was walking away, Heather called after him, "So, what was wrong?" Jim replied: "It was an ID Ten T Error." A puzzled expression crossed Heather's face. "An ID Ten T Error? What's that...in case I need to fix it again?" He gave her a grin.... "Haven't you ever heard of an ID Ten T Error before?" "No," replied Heather. "Write it down," Jim said, "and I think you'll figure it out." So she wrote...I D 10 T.

—Sent by Judy Rose

Thought for the day

...the Mideast, which a Catholic writer has called the vortex, [is] the portal through which God has talked to man since the very dawn of history. The Garden of Eden, Moses, the Ten Commandments, the prophets, the birth of Christ the Redeemer, the crucifixion, the fall of the temple, the return of Israel. The Mideast is the place where God talks to us. And where these days his message does not seem ambiguous. It's this: You're all in a heap of trouble. e.

Peggy Noonan
Writing in the Wall Street Journal

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