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Good Morning Nanty Glo!
Sunday, September 23 2001

Making a Difference

Nearly every Friday, Pat and I travel to Altoona to take our foster son for a weekend visit with his family. We take advantage of the time alone afterwards to eat dinner out and do some shopping. As we emerged from the AC Moore craft store, we passed a lady seated at a card table. She asked whether we would like to donate to the Lupus Foundation. Pat immediately recognized the lady as Betty Oravis Overman, formerly of Vintondale and now living in Wilmore Heights. Betty is a good friend of my sister and has been in our home several times. It was after 7 p.m. and we were all a good distance from home. Pat began telling Betty about a cousin who has Lupus. Betty then announced proudly that she has collected nearly $8,000 for the Lupus Foundation. She began her collection efforts after her own daughter was diagnosed with Lupus. She asked the doctors what she could do to help her daughter fight this disease. They told her that money is needed to finance research to find a cure. Thus began Betty's mission to raise funds. I know through reports from my sister, who sometimes accompanies Betty, that she gives a lot of time and effort to the cause. She does this in addition to working full-time for Promise Star Bank and in spite of the fact that she suffers from Parkinson's disease. As we made our contribution to the cause and prepared to leave, Betty explained that she hoped her fundraising efforts would help find a cure for Lupus so other mothers wouldn't have to see this disease devastate the lives of their children.

After the terrorist attacks on the WTC Twin Towers and On the Pentagon and the crash of flight 93 in Somerset County, many Americans, like Betty, saw a need and went to work, whether as a rescue worker or a volunteer to raise money to help others. We Americans have many great qualities and one of these is our willingness to help others in need. This compassionate nature will see us through the current dangers and we will emerge an even greater "Nation Under God."

It's fall and the frost is on the pumpkin. Today's photos, like yesterday's, were taken on the Silbaugh farm on old Route 22, by Judy and Hobe Rose.

Husbands, wives

My wife and I were happy for twenty years. Then we met.

—Rodney Dangerfield

Sent by Mike Harrison

Thought for the day

Never, never pin your whole faith on any human being; not if he is the best and wisest in the whole world. There are lots of nice things you can do with sand; but do not try building a house on it.

—C. S. Lewis
Sent by Carold Levinson Stuart

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