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Good Morning Nanty Glo!
              Thursday, September 13 2001

Topic A

After the Loma Prieta earthquake struck in 1989, its epicenter only a few miles from my location in San Jose, everything changed for a long time, including my writing for the Times Newspapers that I was editing at the time. For the first few days we couldn't see enough coverage of it on TV, even though we'd experienced it in person. Nothing like this had happened in our lifetimes and we valued every opportunity to get a better "handle" on it, comprehending its impact on us directly and indirectly.

Now the earthquake experience instructs us on how to react, and why we do so, in the aftermath of the greatest trauma to strike the United States in our memory; in fact, it must be the worst mass nightmare any of us have ever lived through. Hawaii wasn't even a state when Japan bombed Pearl Harbor, and few had taken vacation trips there before 1945. That war and all the others were topic A's in their time, but they were staged thousands of miles from American soil. We'd have to reach back to the War Between the States (1861 - '65) to find a comparable national trauma for the United States,

Like the earthquake, the closer you are to the centers of damage, the more traumatized you're likely to be. We in the nether reaches of the country can be much more "objective" than those who live in New York, South-Central Pennsylania, and Northern Virginia. But no thinking person in the United States has escaped at least some trauma.

We'd have accused any Hollywood movie that fancied that an airliner hitting one of the World Trade towers would utterly destroy the skyscraper of having unacceptably low "production values," trading in cheap-shot exploitation, then we'd proffer two thumbs down. But that in real life that scenario became reality not only once but twice, and that the planes, full of innocent passengers, were intentionally flown into the buildings, exceeds any sleeping nightmare I've ever had or heard described. I got my news about the day in bits and dabs over the Internet at my desk at work, not really knowing what was happening until near noon, Pacific time. When I first read on the Fox News webpage that both towers had "collapsed," I was disbelieving. Why would they exaggerate the already horrendous facts, I wondered.

Wednesday's lead stories in the Johnstown Tribune-Democrat, which I read on the paper's website, suggest, probably unintentionally, that that area was in virtual panic mode all day after the crash near Shankstown, Somerset County (about 30 to 40 miles from Nanty Glo, for any international readers who may be wondering how close this terror came to our home town). I find that totally understandable.

Webmaster Jon Kennedy


O Father, today the evil in the world has confronted us. In Your wisdom and compassion, we pray you send comfort to those afflicted by the horror that occurred in the high towers of that great city. Send Your strengthening spirit to the families and friends, and to those who are struggling to rescue all they can from this awful situation. Lord, be with us all on this tragic day. We ask this in the name of our Lord, Jesus Christ. Amen

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Sent by Stephen Gagnon

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