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Good Morning Nanty Glo!
Sunday, September 9 2001

Fair Day

When I was in school, both grade school and high school, fair day was a very exciting and very boring day. The school district provided transportation to and from the fair. The bus picked us up at the time we would have gone to school and dropped us off at the fair grounds before 8:30 am and wouldn't pick us up till 4:30 in the afternoon. That made for a very long day.

No rides ran before noon and only a few food booths opened early in the morning. We had a lot of time to walk around through the animal barns and exhibit halls and not all of them opened early. In lucky years, we would meet a friend from school who had an animal at the fair. This would give us a place and reason to hang out.

Waiting for the rides to open was a very long wait. When the ride operators began warming up the motors, we rushed out to the midway and lined up at our favorite ride. Mine was always the Ferris wheel, especially after I entered high school. From atop the Ferris wheel I could see Central Cambria High School. The next day, from the windows of several classrooms, I could look out and see the Ferris wheel and the fair grounds. I always enjoyed the juxtaposition of the two views. I could never go on as many rides as most of my friends, partly because of finances but primarily because I got nauseated after several of the faster rides. So, for much of the afternoon I would go through the exhibition halls with a shopping bag from one of the exhibitors and collect all the trinkets and literature that interested me. Usually, by 3 p.m., I was tired and would go to the grandstand to watch the parade of high school bands and wait for my bus ride home.

As an adult, I discovered that my fair day isn't much different except that I attend with my wife and our current foster children. We arrive just after the gates open at 9 a.m. We give the children their allowance and tell them where to meet us in the afternoon.

Pat and I get more enjoyment going through the exhibition halls than I did as a child. We look forward to meeting several families at the animal barns who are acquaintances we have had contact with in the past through our foster children. The favorite part of the day, now, is the food booths. We enjoy hot sausage sandwiches, deep-fried onion rings, Philly steak and cheese sandwiches and funnel cakes. To cut down our total consumption of food, we purchase one of each and share.

At times, the sharing would go three ways when our foster son caught sight of us eating. Our ride excitement consisted of watching the boy as he had fun going from ride to ride. We still collect all the trinkets and pamphlets that interest us, then leave the fairgrounds for home at 3:30 p.m.

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More Woody Allen theology (last in series)

I like the family argument in some Woody Allen movie (Radio Days?) when an agnostic aunt says, "If God is so good and powerful, why does evil exist?"

The dad responds, "How should I know why evil exist? I don't even know how the toaster works!"

—John Stamps"

Sent by Elias

Thought of the day

A Christian is...
     —a mind through which Christ thinks,
     —a heart through which Christ lives,
     —a voice through which Christ speaks,
     —a hand through which Christ helps.
Sent by Zan

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