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Good Morning Nanty Glo!
              Tuesday, September 4 2001

Scottish travels

I've often and for a long time maintained that a good vacation depends on the quality of photographs collected on it. My trip with my son Mike to the United Kingdom and Ireland last month could by that standard be rated a great success. And it was especially enjoyable to me because not only did Michael do all the driving, he also took almost all the photos. But its downside is that it takes a long time after getting back home to process all the photos, even though they're digital files in a computer (to maximize photo quality, Michael kept his camera set for a very large photo size in high resolution, with the result that opening each photo takes a few minutes...the ones I send you are a fraction of their original size and resolution). Moreover, the computer is my laptop so it falls to me to do that part of the vacation work. So that's how I spent my Labor Day weekend.

In reviewing the emails to the Nanty Glo List from our travels I discovered that our weekend in Scotland was barely mentioned in them. That was because of two factors: David Caldwell's weekend entries fell at that time, and I was relieved to have a break, and when the weekend ended we had arrived at Belfast, Northern Ireland, where we were pulled into the intrigue of making our way on this totally new environment fraught with danger as bombs occasionally go off there at random, and sniping incidents are reported (including one while we where in the country). The highlight of the guided bus tour there was a visit to the militant Protestant and Catholic segments of the city, respectively, where we were expected to take photographs of murals depicting strong feelings and graffiti.

Understandably, the highlights of the two previous days were skimmed over. So over the next several days I'll try to recap our weekend in Edinburgh and the islands of Mull and Iona. Meanwhile, here's an introductory glimpse of Edinburgh Castle..


Webmaster Jon Kennedy

Theology from Woody Allen

If only God would give me some clear sign! Like making a large deposit in my name at a Swiss bank.

The lion and the calf shall lie down together but the calf won't get much sleep.

Sent by Elisa

To forgive...

To forgive is to set a prisoner free and discover the prisoner was YOU!.

Sent by Zan

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