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Good Morning Nanty Glo!
Sunday, October 28 2001

A day for the birds

Pat spent much of the day at the dining room table peeling apples to make applesauce and apple pies. As she worked, the birds outside provided relief from the tedium of the job. She didn't keep a tally, but estimates that at least 12 different species of birds visited the feeder during the day.

Except for the Blue Jays, the smaller birds are the most aggressive at chasing other birds away. Occasionally, a squirrel would venture onto the feeder. When this happened, Pat would call out, "Buffy, get it." Whereupon, our West Highland White Terrier jumps onto the window seat and barks furiously until the squirrel leaps down and runs for cover. Buffy then stands guard at the window until the birds return. She never barks at the birds but gets very indignant when a squirrel intrudes into what she considers her territory.

As the birds flew to and from the feeder, snow kept falling. It occasionally whitened the tips of the grass and rooftops; however, the sun would peek through the clouds every hour or so and melt the snow. By mid-afternoon, the seed in the feeder ran low, so Pat called me to replenish the supply. Those aggressive little birds kept fluttering around my head as I worked to remove the lid of the feeder and add seed. They wanted me to hurry so they could get back to their feeding frenzy.

The trees in the yard and woods behind the house seemed to have singing birds on every limb. I got the feeling that each was singing while waiting for its turn at the feeder. Pat and Buffy took over as observer and guardian of the feeder, while I went back to my work. When I returned later for coffee and to sample the applesauce, Pat noted that today was one of her more enjoyable days watching the birds, because of the steady flow and variety of birds.

I can add that watching snow fall and birds feeding from the warmth of a home filled with the aroma of freshly baked apple pies is a very pleasant way to spend a day.



A Sunday school teacher asked the children just before she dismissed them to go to church, "And why is it necessary to be quiet in church?" Annie replied, "Because people are sleeping."

Sent by Joe Peyola

God's ordinary people

All of God's people are ordinary people who have been made extraordinary by the purpose He has given them. Unless we have the right purpose intellectually in our minds and lovingly in our hearts, we will very quickly be diverted from being useful to God. We are not workers for God by choice. Many people deliberately choose to be workers, but they have no purpose of God's almighty grace or His mighty Word in them.

—Oswald Chambers

Sent by Judy Martin

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