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Good Morning Nanty Glo!
              Thursday, October 18 2001 


I've wavered about using the Jonal entries as personal memoirs, prefering to relate my personal experiences and opinions as illustrations of larger points to consider or conversation starters. I've also wanted to avoid "preaching," but yesterday's entry ("Little Murders") failed that test, though as a piece of writing I'm satisfied with it. Then I received a thoughtful response to my reflections on the crisis my family went through, and the outpouring of human kindness and the divine miracle they were given, in my early childhood and how it may have influenced my later career path. And in concluding that the letter deserves a public answer (as others probably have questions along the same lines), I decided to chuck my stance on personal memoirs. The questions will be given today, with short answers in the immediately context, in burgandy, with more conversational responses to follow later.

Read in your Jonal that you had been "nudged" toward the ministry from childhood. I find that to be interesting. Did you ultimately become a minister because it was something deep down in your soul that was calling you, or did you become a minister because it was expected and you didn't want to disappoint others? Yes to the first part; no to the latter. Did you love the ministry, and do you miss it? I did miss it, with pain, for some years. Since converting to Orthodoxy, however, I'm more inclined to believe it was for the best. Was the failure of your marriage (and I'm not using the word failure to be unkind) the reason you are no longer a minister? If a one-word answer is possible, yes.

Believe it or not, I do have a purpose for asking what I'm sure you consider to be some very intrusive questions. I (once knew a man who) had been "nudged" toward the priesthood from childhood and he ultimately became a priest...but (after getting involved in a scandal) he no longer has a parish.... I often wondered after the scandal hit the papers, was the religious life really what He wanted...and does he grieve for it now that it's gone or is he glad it's over? And if you don't mind my asking, how do you feel about the loss of your ministerial life? Everyone's "mileage will vary" on these, so I'll "unpack" this further later.

I don't very often get into religion as a topic of conversation (I'm not comfortable there)...I was just wondering. Thanks for writing.

Webmaster Jon Kennedy

Fear of Afghans

The war on terrorism took a stange and sad turn Friday as airline officials at Ohare International Airport refused to let a 73-year-old grandmother board her plane, as she had in her possesion two six-inch knitting needles.

Apparently, authorities were worried that she may knit an Afghan.

Sent by Bill Dalrymple

Thought for the day

When I pray for my friends, coincidences happen to them. When I cease to pray, the coincidences cease.... A coincidence is God acting anonymously.

—William Temple

Cited by Anthony M. Coniaris, Daily Vitamins for Spiritual Growth

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