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Good Morning Nanty Glo!
              Tuesday, October 9 2001 

Taking care of business

Thanks to one couple (newly heard of on this topic) who wrote Monday to say they've enjoyed the slide shows, especially the fall foliage on the Yahoo site. This assures me that the site is accessible even without my password and user name. Even if you need to register, it's worthwhile. Those on this list have other resources to explore there, including the information about the Nanty Glo List. Besides the archive of these entries kept on our nantyglo.com server, there's a complete archive there, too, which includes all the input of all members of the list, not just the formatted "pages" as on our site, and there is also a list of all the email addresses on the list.

Thanks to Judy and Hobe Rose, an additional 22 fall color photos have been added on Monday (Tuesday, for all intents and purposes, as one of my Blacklick High School teachers used to say). All of the additions are from their digital camera. The titles are a bit sketchy, as I didn't have enough time to edit the presentation, so I'll fill the information out a bit. They include photos from the Colver area, Revloc (where the Roses live), Huntingdon Valley and Raystown Lake, the Nicktown area. and several from Red Mill Road, south of Belsano.

These are great for those of us who are far away, or have moved to warmer climates where the leaves turning is much less colorful.

At one point on Monday I had an inspiration for a more essaylike entry, but it passed. Besides the distraction of the war news and not wanting to hash that over again here (lacking signals that that is desired among this group), I'm very busy at work which makes it difficult to take the time to develop a new thread.

Meanwhile, does anyone have a topic to throw out?


Webmaster Jon Kennedy

Near unanimity

President Bush's approval rating is now the highest of any president ever—99.99 percent according to the latest poll. If we could just get Barbra Streisand and Al Gore to get on board, it would be unanimous.

—Jay Leno, Tonight Show

Thought for the day

Times of heroism are generally times of terror.


Sent by Bud Macfarlane, Catholicity

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