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Good Morning Nanty Glo!
              Monday, October 7 2001 

Procedural notes

The news on Sunday that the war in Afghanistan and (I imagine we all dread), at home in the form of sporadic attacks, has left me in a state of enuii (remember that word that came into current use in the Carter Administration—"ahn-we," meaning lethargic sense of dread or doom; inability to work because of that lethargy). I'll snap out of it unless there's a multiplication of bad news. Meanwhile, some procedure notes that tie in, at least in my mental porridge, with Friday's entry about our anniversary.

All my unscheduled time of the weekend was spent working on photo displays on the Home Page; "slideshows" as we call them. I've been impressed by the capabilities and offerings of Yahoo's Photo department, which I've been using for our fall foliage exhibition. Do you find it accessible? I've also replicated the existing on-site Nanty Glo "aerial" tour submitted by Brandon Williamson on Yahoo's photo pages. It's the same collection of photos in the same sequence; I put it on Yahoo because it offers the "automatic" slide advance feature, which you can stop and resume at will. I've also put my London "slides," taken by my son Mike on our tour in August in the Yahoo format. However, some feedback suggests that some users have difficulty with Yahoo's photo pages, and I must admit that it seems a bit "squirrelly."

I spent the weekend working on the slides of my recent tour, even though I'm not sure anyone wants to spend the time going through them, but because I think there are many excellent photos among them and all that work should be given some expression. I love the idea that we can put our photos on the Internet in this era, rather than leaving them in albums in the top shelf of a closet, even if they don't get much online viewing or reviewing. I've put my tours of Ireland in past years, and my around-the-world tour account online, and each year I get a few letters from people appreciating them, people from anywhere in the world, mostly, who just happened to find them, because they were looking for links to Hong Kong or Dingle Peninsula (Ireland) and found it helpful or it raised questions they wanted to pursue. Cyberspace is cheap (if you have friends in the Internet business, anyway), so I'll leave them there for the foreseeable future.

Even though I already had 55 London "slides" on the Yahoo site last week, I searched the Internet and my own computer drives for a less "squirrelly" way to do slide shows, and found a combination of applications that let me do it about as easily as Yahoo does. So, I have now re-created the London slide show and an "Out of London" slide show (also referred to as "Stonehenge and Salisbury"), both on our own server. These lack the "automatic" slide advance feature that's so nice on Yahoo, but it does have advance and reverse clickable arrows on each slide, which makes it almost as good and more stable and on a server that will let it stay put (presumably...after four years I think this is safe to say) so I'll continue putting the 500-plus photos from our tour on the site until we have about 10 slide shows in all.

Meanwhile, I hope we continue getting more fall foliage photos for the Yahoo site. All readers are encouraged to participate; just email your digitized photographs to me as attachments of emails. Judy Rose, who's done more of the ones we have thus far than anyone else, reports that looking for good photos has made her more appreciative of the awesome beauty of the Allegheny Mountain fall colors than she ever had been before. That's been my experience, too, which is why photos are so important when I travel, along with my trip diaries or journals.

Hope to hear from many of you.

Webmaster Jon Kennedy


A counterfeiter decided that the easiest way to pass off his phony $18 bills would be to unload them in some small rural town, so he drove until he found a tiny town with a single general merchandise store. He entered the store, went up to the counter, and handed one of the bogus bills to the man behind the counter.

"Could you change this for me, please?"

The store clerk looked at the bill for a few seconds, then smiled at the man. "Of course I can. Would you prefer two $9 bills or three $6 bills?" .

Sent by Mike Harrison

Thought for the day

The story of the universe is another Person's, and we are part of the story, its characterization, not its author.

—M.C. D'Arcy

Sent by Bud Macfarlane, Catholicity

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