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Good Morning Nanty Glo!
               Monday, November 5 2001  

Where are they now?
Sandy Gillin Gideos

Webmaster's note: Today, we are pleased to introduce a new regular feature in this postcard department. Every other Monday, Judy Burkhart Rose, a Jackson Township native whose home town while growing up was Nanty Glo and who now resides in Revloc, will introduce another name and face from the Valley's past, and tell us about those people as they are now.

Sandy Gillin Gideos, born and raised in Jackson Township, is a 1964 graduate of Central Cambria County High School, Ebensburg. Married to Wilmore native William ("Bill") Gideos since September 2, 1972, Sandy is a stepmother to one grown son and a doting aunt to many neices and nephews.

Now retired from the garment industry, Sandy pursues her interests of quilting, sewing, word games, and attending an occasional Penn State football came with husband Bill. She also enjoys an occasional group chartered bus trip to points of interest, theater, and last but not least...shopping malls.

She currently resides, surrounded by relatives and memories on the Jackson Township family farm where she has lived for the majority of her 56 years. She and Bill are active members of St. Paul's Lutheran Church in Mundy's Corner.

Her memories of life in our area are many and cherished; "my growing-up days on my dad's farm were happy times" and as for her memories of Nanty Glo, "those record hop days were fantastic."

Regrettably, there is no email address for Sandy and Bill at this time, but anyone who wants to contact them can send email to Judy Rose at Highlandrose43@yahoo.com.

Hunting season

Last November a couple of hunters were out in the woods when one of them fell to the ground, clutching his chest. After struggling for a few seconds, he seemed to stop breathing. The other guy quickly pulls out his cellphone and dials 911. He gasps to the operator, "My friend is dead! What should I do?"

In a soothing voice, the operator says, "Try to remain calm, sir. I can help you. First, we need to make sure he's dead."

Immediately, the operator heard a shot. The frantic hunter comes back on the line and says, "Okay, now what?"

—Sent by Mike Harrison

Thought for the day

What the heart knows today the head will understand tomorrow.

—James Stephens

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