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Good Morning Nanty Glo!
Tuesday, May 15 2001

Procedures, continued

After telling you yesterday that Monday's mailing was being conveyed via a new setup, after trying over 20 times to send it the new way with constant rejections by the mail server, I ended up in frustration sending it via Topica once again. Their policy change was set to become effective May 15 (today, as most of you are seeing this), but I thought I'd get a day's jump on that.

I subsequently tried sending "tests" another 10 or so times (being much smaller, they were much faster getting rejected until all the problems were rectified), and finally got one of the tests through, so this one, I think, should be the first Jonal actually sent via my own mail server to the whole list rather than Topica.

And it turns out the list is now closer to 100 than 130 members. The reason the mail server kept rejecting the mailing was that it would reject any bad address on the list, revealing no more than one bad address per mailing cycle. There were about 30 bad addresses which the Topica robot eliminates in seconds when it processes a list mailing, but which I had to do manually, one post per rejected address.

Musical note

For the rest of today's postcard, I'll give a little update on my musical avocation. When we left off on that topic, I was on my way to the electronics store to buy an mp3 musical file CD player. The $59 one advertised was nowhere to be found (surely couldn't have been an instance of "bait and switch" advertising?) but a $79 model seemed to have all the advertised features, so I came home with it. I quickly discovered that it had no "random play" option, so regretted buying it almost immediately. But I was saved by the fact that after playing "normal" CDs on it only twice, it stopped playing altogether. I returned it for a store credit, trading up to a $99 model, and it has been what I'd hoped for.

I've put my whole 500-plus-song playlist in three CDs that have from 155 to 200 songs each, and with the random play feature they provide what I've been wanting. I also bought a car tape player adapter for $20, which plays the CDs through the car's tape player, so there's no temptation to drive with earphones on. We'll move on to the potpourri topical approach again tomorrow, perhaps even going back to conspiracy theories...unless someone sends in another hot topic you'd rather work on. Please note, to beat the "deadline," you'd have to have your suggestion to me by early afternoon on Tuesday. Of course if it's "too late," it will be rolled over to the next change of topic.

Webmaster Jon Kennedy

Hotel breakfast

One morning in a posh hotel breakfast room, a guest called over the head waiter. "Good morning, sir! I'd like to order two boiled eggs, one of them so undercooked that it's runny, and the other so overcooked that it's tough. I also want some rubbery bacon, burnt toast, and butter that's so cold it's impossible to spread. Finally, I'll have a pot of extra-weak coffee, served at room temperature." The bewildered waiter almost stuttered. "Sir! We cannot serve such an awful breakfast to you here!"

"Why not?" the guest replied. "That's what I got here yesterday!"

Sent by Mike Harrison

Great words of wisdom. . .Modern Proverbs

Some folks wear their halos much too tight.

Some marriages are made in heaven, but they all have to be maintained on earth.

Unless you can create the whole universe in five days, perhaps "giving advice" to God, isn't such a good idea!

Sent by Zan
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