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Good Morning Nanty Glo!
Friday, June 8 2001


Revloc (and former Nanty Glo) residents Judy and Hobe Rose have sent an offlist note worth considering, so I share it here:

In reading your note regarding Willows, Calif., we were reminded of the three and one half years we lived in Florida. We too had the same experience that you wrote about visiting and greeting people you knew. One of the things that dismayed us was the fact we never made any friends while we lived there. People passing by would say Hello but not look at you and basically the only regular visitor we had was the lady next door, and she mostly stopped by just to visit with our poodle, Suzette!

After I left my nursing position, I developed an acute case of homesickness; the longing to "go home" to Pennsylvania was so powerful I swear I could almost taste it!

It may be presumptuous of me to make this observation, but in so much of your writing I detect that same heartfelt yearning to "go home." But you are mistaken about never being in anyone else's home; those of us on the Nanty Glo List have chosen to welcome you into our homes every day. Maybe we can't share a coffee, dinner or talk face to face, but we do consider you to be a friend and your electronic or personal presence is always welcome in "this old house."

I read in one of your writings that a "chat" had been considered but scheduling problems nixed the idea. I think you should consider giving the chat another try; we would gladly participate. AOL IM...Sewqween1 and MSN IM...Highland Rose. Drop in sometime and say Howdy!

Judy and Hobe

You've given me so much to "unpack" in your note that I think I'll take up the topic of friendships next week. For this time, I'll respond to the sentences that I put in bold type, and your comments on "chat."

As for my "yearning to go home," it's more metaphorical than real. Though I greatly enjoy visiting the Valley now on the cusp of age 60, what I yearn for is the Valley of age 20. For a large part, I try to write in a way that stirs these feelings in all of us, so the "real" feelings are not as acute as they probably seem. I could easily have moved back to Pennsylvania in my 30's or 40's (considered it hard and long but the "pieces" to make it a reality never came together), but can't imagine doing so now (though if the Hostel idea were to take root, I'd like to put in to work it for a summer or more). But the closest relative I have there now is an aunt by marriage who lives in Altoona and whom I haven't seen in more than 40 years.

The emboldened sentences capture the whole reason I started the Home Page and the Jonal. It is a means of "being" in two places at virtually the same time. I do greatly appreciate the "invitations" of all who open their doors for me every day or whenever they can, and I hope the feelings are mutual all around.

As for adding chat to the Home Page, we more than considered it...we had a chat room listed on the front page for perhaps a year. After a couple of visits, it was so dormant than the provider we were using closed it, and when we removed its icon from the page there were no objections. I think the message board that's now there, on the bottom of the front page, serves almost the same purpose with no scheduling problems. I will try to log on to your chat rooms and say Howdy, however, and hope others reading this will also give it a try.

Webmaster Jon Kennedy

The Top 40 Things You Will Never Hear A Southern Boy Say

40. Oh I just couldn't, she's only sixteen.
39. I'll take Shakespeare for 1000, Alex.
38. Duct tape won't fix that.
37. Honey, I think we should sell the pickup and buy a family sedan.
36. Come to think of it, I'll have a Heineken.

Sent by Mike Harrison

Four more to grow on

"He who is not aware of his ignorance will be only misled by his knowledge." Richard Whatley

"Have you ever wondered if taxation without representation would be cheaper?" Unknown

"Slow down? There's plenty of time for that later." Lady Margaret Thatcher

"One-fifth of the people are against everything all of the time." John F. Kennedy


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