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Good Morning Nanty Glo!
Thursday, June 7 2001

About not living in the past

It's inevitable that the Nanty Glo Home Page gravitates back and back again to exercises in nostalgia, revisiting the past. Despite my intention to not live in the past, Nanty Glo is not only in my past and looming there large, the Nanty Glo of the past is far more vibrant, exciting, dangerous and enticing than the smaller, cleaner, quieter mature Nanty Glo of today.

Mining coal underground was a dangerous way to make a living. A thousand families from a dozen homelands scattered across Europe living close together in a small valley in bare-wood houses without plumbing or central heating, barely making ends meet in the Great Depression and World War Two years, supporting two dozen bars and ethnic and special-interest clubs serving alcohol, policed by a single constable, were dangerous to each other and themselves.

The booming commercial and industrial development of the war and post-war years filled both sides of the central town's parking spaces from opening hour in the morning till after most store closings at night. Prosperity eluded the great majority of the town's residents through the first four decades of the town's existence and the twentieth century, yet money flowed. After the war, the nation took a deep breath and started claiming its reward for a fight well fought. Now, to win the future.

Nanty Glo staked its claims, too.

The plumbing came in. The bare wood got shingled or at least painted. The muddy streets were all paved and the muddy yards got grass to mow. Most of the mines were closing, but already most members of the next generation were seeking their futures and fortunes in fields afar: Cleveland, Washington, Akron, Detroit...Blacklick Valley salt was flavoring the nation: Chicago, Tulsa, Dallas, Los Angeles, San Jose....

Webmaster Jon Kennedy

One serves for both today

If you can't be a good example, then you'll just have to serve as a horrible warning. —Catherine Aird

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