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Good Morning Nanty Glo!
Tuesday, July 24 2001

Bank holiday

I have five "journaling topics" written down in my pocket notebook, to use on days like today when no topic jumps up and bites me in the cerebral cortex. Unfortunately, however, they provide no inspiration. I've forgotten what I meant when I penned them, or whatever inspiration moved me to jot them down has long flown the coop. Maybe writer's block would be a better topic than any of those.

I've had long periods of depression in life. After my marriage dissolved I lost a decade...functioning as a single parent and even feeling blessed by the opportunity this turn of events provided for me to get to know my three kids on a level of interaction most fathers in our society never experience. That was almost worth the marriage failure. There were lots of happy days and there are memories of some of those days, too, but overall there was a black cloud hanging over my life. The marriage ending also ended my "career," which felt like an even worse loss. I felt ill much of the time, and still wonder if I may have had Epstein-Barr's Syndrome, "yuppie flu," or something like it for a couple of the years...I had no medical insurance at the time, so short of total breakdown (which, thank goodness, never happened) I had no means of finding out. But all those symptoms may have just been part of the years of depression. Eating M&Ms seemed to lift my spirits, but of course also lifted my weight to astronomical heights.

Before the marriage was declared over there were other years of mostly depressed functioning, knowing there was no love there and that inevitably what was inevitable would come to pass.

Today's ennui, in comparison, is not depression. The trip to Pennsylvania earlier this month fades as a source of inspiration, especially as I was able over the weekend to create the photo stills from that trip's tape and put them online; that procedure has provided closure (to make good use of that term that's fallen into public disfavor recently) for most of my big trips of recent years.

An even bigger trip looms three weeks away...by then, son Mike and I hope to be in London preparing for a great loop of the UK and Ireland. I'm getting anxious to travel again; the planning is exhilarating, except on days like today when none of my reservation enquiries get answers. It must be a bank holiday in Merry Olde....

Webmaster Jon Kennedy

Martha Stewart's Way vs. My Way

Martha's way #1: Stuff a miniature marshmallow in the bottom of a sugar cone to prevent ice cream drips. My way: Just suck the ice cream out of the bottom of the cone, for Pete's sake, you are probably lying on the couch with your feet up eating it anyway.

Martha's way #2: Use a meat baster to "squeeze" your pancake batter onto the hot griddle and you'll get perfectly shaped pancakes every time. My way: Buy the precooked kind you nuke in the microwave for 30 seconds. The hard part is getting them out of the plastic bag.

Martha's way #3: To keep potatoes from budding, place an apple in the bag with the potatoes. My way: Buy Hungry Jack mashed potato mix and keep it in the pantry for up to a year.

Sent by Bonnie Turner

A cure to depression

God can heal a broken heart, but he has to have all the pieces. .

Sent by Zan

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