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Good Morning Nanty Glo!
Tuesday, July 3 2001

Late news from the Valley

The lead news item on WJAC-TV's 11 p.m. news show tonight was about the disappearance of Joseph Pisarik, a West Virginia man who walked back the road to the Twin Rocks Catholic cemetery on Saturday to visit the grave of his mother, and hasn't been seen since. Search parties and dogs have been searching (even diving in the old Twin Rocks reservoir) for two days with no finding as yet. It has been "topic A" of conversation throughout the Valley.

In other Valley news, the Nanty Glo State Liquor Store has been closed permanently. The former Bob Simmers Ford, more recently known as Freedom Ford, has closed its Chestnut Street location and advertised "moving sale" in the windows, but I haven't found its new location as yet. Apparently not Shoemaker (will continue pursuing this "breaking news"). The former Nanty Glo bank, U.S. Bank, has been merged with a Florida banking company and its name is now Ameriserve Financial. The Ghost Town Trail has a detour onto Plank Road in Vintondale, while trucks are using the trail farther down to work on the Acid Mine Drainage processing project. The detour begins above the Vintondale rockdump and follows the main street through town to the bridge. Karen Gordon reports that the detour has had the effect of directing more trail users to explore the Red Mill/White Mill portion of the trail.

I visited the Journal office Monday morning and learned that after 49 years with the paper, Betty Nedrich is retiring at the end of this week. She began shortly after graduating from Nanty Glo High School in the final years of the first editor, H. E. Eldridge (I hope I got the initials correct...writing this on my laptop which is literally that at the moment, sitting up in bed), served all through the glory days of second editor Andy Rogalski, through my short term (1962-64) and through several others, most notably and most lengthily, Bill Martin, who began with the paper in 1964 and, after several periods away, continues as the Nanty Glo bureau chief.

The Sunday report by David Caldwell (who I met for the first time Monday evening with his lovely wife Pat), about recent improvements in town, I can testify to, having seen them in person. The torn up streets are beautifully repaved and looking good. And though I'd seen the excellent photo spread David and Pat sent earlier, I was still struck at how different the intersection of Chestnut and Roberts Streets looks this year compared to last. The former location of Levinson's Department Store doesn't exist any longer because of widening and redirecting of the Creek just before it goes under the bridge. Only a portion of the former Levinsons' parking lot remains, and that is now an unpaved alley that goes back around the first block of Shoemaker Street.

Am enjoying my short visit very much. Will try to dig out more news each of the remaining days here in the Valley..

Webmaster Jon Kennedy


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Arrogance and humility

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