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January 27 2001

A new home for the Jonal
Another tribute to Fr. John Hacala

New class page online: Vintondale '55
 NGHS Class of '50 reunion photo added

A tangent: the funniest thing ever—poor pussy

Yesterday's reminiscence about my 4-H Club experiences in junior-high years brought back a memory of what was perhaps the funniest event in my growing-up years. Though humor and laughing have always been very important to me (several friends over the years, including my Nanty Glo bud Dick Millward [Class of '58] have kept me around just by their power to keep me laughing), I don't remember ever laughing harder than at one of the 4-H Club meetings. We were playing "poor pussy," which fits well in this week's topic—wealth from poverty—because it has "poor" in the title (okay, it's a stretch).

If you've never played it, poor pussy is a variation of the staring contest made famous again in recent years by Conan O'Brien (of NBC's Late Show, for those of you who don't stay up late). But instead of just staring at each other until one breaks out in a laugh or having outrageous tableaus enacted over your shoulder to distract your opponent as Conan does, in poor pussy, the one who's "it" imitates a pussycat. Getting on hands and knees and positioning his or her head close to or on the target's knees, the pussy me-ows, purrs, and tries to act like an affection cat. The seated target of this feline affection tries to keep a straight face, and breaking into laughter results in his/her becoming the next pussy. The target is also required to stroke the kittie's hair softly and say "poor pussy...poor pussy" without losing it. The pussy, meanwhile, is not constrained from smiling or even laughing, and neither are the bystanders, whose laughing can make it almost impossible for the target to keep a straight face.

So, if you're looking for a way to keep the kids or grandkids entertained, which you can play, too, suggest a round or two of poor pussy!

Have the younger generation ever heard of such a simple and innocent game? Do you have other play stories you can share?

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Another poor pussy
A bachelor named Steve who lived at home with his mother and pet cat went on a trip to Europe. Before he left, he told his best friend to inform him of any emergencies. A few days after his departure, his cat climbed up on the roof, fell off, and was killed. His friend immediately wired Steve with the message: "Your cat died!"

Steve quickly returned back home, having cut his trip short in grief and angry at his friend. He told his friend,, "Why didn't you break the news to me gradually? You know how close I was to my cat! You could have sent the message 'Your cat climbed up on the roof today and fell off,' and the next day you could've written 'Your cat's injuries from the fall off the roof have taken a turn to the worse' and after that told me that he died."

After a quick memorial service at the pet cemetery, the bachelor left again to continue his trip. A few days into his trip, he returned to his hotel where a message was waiting for him from his friend: "Your mother climbed up on the roof today."

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