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February 7 2001

The romance of roller skating

Thinking back about it, roller skating has more memories of youthful romance and a sense of intimacy attached to it than dancing does, though presumably that's out of the norm. (Nothing unusual there, though!)

This impression probably can be attributed to the fact that I thought I was "in love" for most of the time I was roller skating regularly, and the dates I had with my junior varsity sweetheart were mostly at Cicero's roller rink. I always took the bus provided for the skating parties; she was more often dropped off and picked up at Cicero's by her parents who, no doubt, had heard scandalous reports about adolescent misbehavior in the skate busses (some of which were true).

A two-hour Saturday evening skate program included approximately equal portions of "all-skates" and "couple's-only skates" mixed in with the hokey pokey, Mexican hat dance, and one or two other novelties (as described in Bonnie Farabaugh's post earlier), a trio, and a ladies' choice (these days, that could just be counted as another "couple's skate," but at that time two girls skating together—which was done—were not considered a couple). Two boys would never do a "skate" together, but there was more touching on the roller rink between members of the same gender than in normal life. I also witnessed at least one all-out fist-slinging and rolling-on-the-floor fight on the rink.

The best "skates" were those accompanied by much-liked popular songs (as opposed to those accompanied by not-so-well-liked records or organ music). I remember, most of all, "Tammy," by Debbie Reynolds, which was "our" song. And I still recall "In the Middle of an Island," which was the occasion of the most embarrassing question I'd ever been asked till then: "would you like to be stranded on a deserted island with a girl?" I also remember standards by Paul Anka ("Diana"), Johnny Mathis ("The Twelfth of Never"), Pat Boone ("Love Letters on the Sand"), Jim Reeves ("Four Walls"), and "No Not Much" by the Four Lads, whose name I remember only via Google.

What skating moments have shaken loose in your memory?

For tomorrow, I plan to include a down-sized copy of the postcard-photo of Cicero's sent by William Martin.

Webmaster Jon Kennedy

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Sent by Mike Harrison

Three for one price

Obstacles are what you see when you lose sight of your goal.

Pain & suffering are inevitable...misery is optional!

People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.

Sent by Mike Harrison
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