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Good Morning Nanty Glo!
Friday, August 31 2001

Post mortem

After having experienced some post-partum (that's the "blues" that are often experienced shortly after a baby is delivered by the long-anticipating mother; the term also used to describe other letdowns after long expectancies and applied to my recent vacation in this space on Tuesday for anyone who hasn't stayed tuned)...it's also worthwhile to do some post-mortem. That is, to make some long reflections on the whole trip abroad.

First, the experiment on keeping up a Jonal dialogue with this list worked fairly well. All my electronic equipment worked on the UK's and Ireland's 220-volt power as well as it does here. My car power inverter also worked fine in the rented car, though it turned out I didn't use it for computer work, but only for my shaver. It's a Remington and I was afraid to plug it into the 220-volt outlets that have American-style receptacles and are found in most bathrooms intended for tourist use.

The lack of a connection overseas with my Internet carrier, MSN, prevented my updating the Home Page with new pages during that time, but I was able to format pages on my computer and email them to you so what you received was an approximation of what the Postcards usually appear. Mike's camera worked well with my computer and we have literally hundreds of photos saved. I'm also asking Mike to consider publishing his journal of the journey on our tourism department, as I did my brother Tom's journal of our first trip together four years ago.

I was disappointed that none of the Internet cafes I used were equipped to let me use my own laptop on their Internet connection, and don't know why they wouldn't make that part of their service offering...perhaps there are issues I don't see. One of them recommended that I try doing that at a phone store, an option I didn't take the time to investigate, but it seems to me the Internet service store was the more appropriate venue to provide such service.

Webmaster Jon Kennedy

It's a statement, okay?

Walking through a rough part of the city one night, two social workers heard moans and groans and muted cries for help coming from an alley. Walking toward the sound, they found a semi-conscious man. "Help me!" he said weakly. "I've been mugged and viciously beaten!"

The two social workers stared at him for a moment then walked back out of the alley. One turned to the other and said, "You know, the person who did that really could use some help!"

Sent by Mike Harrison

God's dwellings

God has two dwellings: one in heaven and the other in a grateful heart.

Sent by Zan

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