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Good Morning Nanty Glo!
Wednesday, August 29 2001

Post partum

After months of planning and hoping for a good vacation, how can it be so soon over? Now begins next year's round of hoping and planning. Maybe that will be the year we make it to Greece and Turkey, the original destinations for this fall until we learned Mike couldn't get time off from his apprenticeship after classes resume.

Now, despite the over-tiredness (not helped by daughter Chris's addition of a puppy to the household mix while we were gone) is the time to take stock, tally up the pluses and minuses of the trip just ended. We rented a car and spent over £300 to ferry it to Ireland to maximize touring time, only to be foiled by a mechanical breakdown that cancelled all the time saved. That's a minus. However, the tension created by not knowing how we'd make it back out of Ireland in time for our return flight turned a trip into an adventure. A plus...maybe. We tried to travel too many miles in too little time, a minus. We were someplace new every night except the second night in London. A plus? Many wouldn't think so and I'm not sure of my own opinion on that. I do know I want to make my next trip to either of those islands more leisurely.

Though I described our day in Ireland touring the Bunratty Heritage Park and spending an evening in Killarney as the quintessence of Ireland, we missed the third essential, and my favorite, a visit to an ancient monastic site. We were on our way to Glendalough, the place built by St. Kevin in the sixth century and still boasting many ancient buildings. The time required to deal with the car's failure rendered that side trip impossible. Though the visit to Iona (the monastic community made famous by Ireland's second-most-famous saint, Columba, a century after Patrick) off the coast of Scotland was a highlight, the site doesn't compare with Glendalough or Clonmacnoise, having no ancient buildings and not being nearly as well organized for relating its history.

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