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Good Morning Nanty Glo!
Wednesday, August 22 2001

Out of the troubled North

Donegal, Republic of Ireland—Until today, Donegal was to Ireland what New Orleans is to me in the States...the only major center of interest not yet visited. But now that's changed. It's a lively town, looking much bigger than it is with all its tourist business, but after residing on the South New Jersey coast for four years in my 20's, this is a familiar situation. Donegal is a place that it would be hard not to like.

Most of today was marred by inclement weather. We lamented having stayed in Derry, where we took not a single picture, not because it wasn't picturesque enough but because we arrived too late and tired the previous night and the weather was too wet and windy Tuesday morning. Despite that and with no relief, and with news of pipe bombings and sniper fire in Norhtern Ireland overnight, we ventured farther into the Northern troubled Ulster province to visit the Giant's Causeway. It's a natural phenomenon that wasn't worth the time and withstanding the weather conditions, but nevertheless we got some good photos, one of which is attached. Nearby is Old Bushmills Distillery, which didn't appeal to me but which Mike knew he'd talk about with his pals for a long time to come, and so we next toured. It's the oldest licensed maker of Scotch whiskey in the world, having been approved by King James I in 1608.

Then it was on to Donegal, arriving here earlier than at any of our other destinations. The Travel Bureau booked us into an excellent B&B which is the most spacious and comodious one yet, and very affordable at Irish £32 for a room with two queen-size beds, though it lacks a TV in the room, which isn't a priority but is used as a distraction while sorting out the day's photos and other issues. It's a five-minute walk to the center of town, yet has its own parking area, so what more can you ask. There's also reported to be a cyber cafe within walking distance, from which I hope to post this to you all on Wednesday morning.

Then it's on to Galway, where we hope to stay Wednesday night, and a side trip to the Cliffs of Moher, which I've seen before and know to be Ireland's natural scenic wonder. The weather has cleared this evening, so I'm hoping....

PHOTOS: On August 22 we visited the Giant's Causeway on Ireland's Northern Coast, left below, then the nearby village of Bushmill's, and on to Donegal over the border in the Republic of Ireland for the night. The photo at left depicts Donegal's Abbey ruins and cemetery, with the Donegal Bay entrance in background. (Continued below.)

Donegal is an extremely picturesque and interesting town, as the lower photos suggest. The Catholic parish church, though of recent construction, incorporates the ancient monastic type of bell tower seen in Clonmacnoise and Glendalough and elsewhere, to give it a uniquely Irish appearance.
Webmaster Jon Kennedy

Things I wish I'd known before going out into the real world

When baking, follow directions. When cooking, go by your own taste.

Sent by Mike Harrison


In Christ we have everything. Do you wish to love your God? You have Him in Christ. ...Do you wish to love your neighbor? You have him in Christ.

—St. Augustine

Sent by Carole Levinson Stuart

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