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Good Morning Nanty Glo!
Saturday, August 11 2001

David Caldwell's weekly roundup
of news affecting Blacklick Valley

Reunion Hop Many former and present residents of the Valley gathered at the firehall on Saturday, August 4, for the second annual hop. My wife and I were unable to attend so I can only report what others have said. The dance organizers did a great job and all who attended had a great time. Click here for the first group of many photos from the Miner's Hall Reunion Hop.

Former Mayor Honored Friends, family, borough officials and many other dignitaries gathered at the Imperial Ballroom to honor former Nanty Glo Mayor Arthur C. Price. The event for the 90-year-old gentleman, who is still referred to as Mayor Price was held on August 5. Current Nanty Glo Mayor Tom Cunningham gave Mayor Price the key to the community.

New Business Tyler and Tyson Laverick, grandsons of Bob Simmers, opened Laverick Auto Sales on Chestnut Street across from their grandfather's former Ford dealership. They plan to sell quality used cars. They are following in the automobile business footsteps of their father, James Laverick, who is the sales manager of Team Motors in Johnstown. The building they are operating from once served as a Kaiser Frazier Dealership operated by Joseph "Sparky" Millward. Ballard Murray also operated a service station at the site for a number of years, back when you really could get service at a service station.

Weather The hot topic of conversation in the Valley again this weak is the 90-degree-plus heat. The high temperatures and humidity have crossed from being uncomfortable to being life threatening. Fortunately, our area hasn't experienced any heat-related deaths. However, the local hospitals report an increase of patients whose pre-existing health problems are aggravated by the heat. A spokesman for the Nanty Glo Park and Pool reports a doubling in the number of residents taking advantage of the pool's cool water.

Canine Hero Harley, a German shepherd family pet, heroically gave his life to save his young owner. An early morning blaze burned explosively through a Johnstown home on Thursday. Harley woke his young owner just in time so the child could hear his mother yelling to him to climb out on the porch roof and jump to safety. Before Harley could follow, the floor collapsed under him and he perished in the fire, which leveled the house.

Sports Gallikers, the Johnstown entry in the AAABA Baseball Tournament, has won its first four games and thus continued in the winners' bracket on Friday. This first-time feat for any Johnstown team gives a big financial boost to the Johnstown Ole_Timers Club, the organizers of the tournament. The hot weather has kept crowds down at many of the games, since the spectators are often the elderly who are at risk in the hot sun, but not the games in the evening at Point Stadium where Johnstown plays until eliminated. Many local fans are attending the games at the Point Stadium, where an admission fee is charged, and rooting their team on to victory.

Thought for the day

Married men should forget their mistakes. No sense in two people remembering the same thing.

Sent by Mike Harrison

Getting what you want

God always gives His best to those who leave the choice with Him.

Sent by Zan

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