Nanty Glo Home Page, serving Blacklick Valley, Cambria County, PA and Gwent, Wales, the UK


  • Director, Orthodox Information Center at Stanford University and organizer, Christian Writers @ Stanford (2008-2009).


  • Founder/editor/publisher, Nanty Glo Home Page, Cambria County, Pennsylvania, and South Wales, the UK. An all-electronic community website, 1997-present.
  • Founder-publisher and editor of Xnmp, the Christian News & Media Portal, 2002-2007. News "that signifies" in Christian perspective.


  • The Everything Jesus Book, 2006, a popular retelling of the New Testament life of Jesus Christ, with additional information from archaelogical research and other historical documents and including a survey of the history of His continuing body on earth, the church. Published by Adams Media/F&W.
  • The Everything Guide to C.S. Lewis and Narnia, 2008, a 12-chapter biography of C.S. Lewis with an additional eight chapters, one each on each of his Chronicles of Narnia novels and Mere Christianity, Lewis's popular survey of Christian teaching. Published by Adams Media/F&W.
  • The Reformation of Journalism, 1973, published by the Craig Press, U.S., and Wedge Publishing, Canada. Widely used as the first-ever "Christian theory of mass communication" in Christian liberal arts colleges.
  • The Message of the Movies, 1976, published by Kuyper Institute, Stanford.
  • Evangelicalism and Orthodoxy, unpublished.
  • Around the World on $50 A Day, 1996, published online.
  • Vacations in Vistaland, Tourguide of 23 Pennsylvania Counties, 1963, published by Penelec (Pennsylvania Electric Company).
  • The Youth Revolution, 1968, published by International Christian Youth.


  • Retired 2008 as technical writer/web developer for Xilinx, Inc., San Jose, Calif., January 2000-August 2008.
  • Y2K Specialist, Technical Writer, Tava|R.W.Beck, llc., Los Angeles, Calif., October 1998 through December 1999.
  • Technical Writer, Kanisa, Inc., Cupertino, Calif., 1997-1998 (12 months).
  • Editorial, writing, 1996-present, and worldwide website consultant.
  • Executive editor, Times Group of community newspapers, San Jose, Calif., and editor Almaden Times, Blossom Valley Times, Cambrian Times, Campbell Times, Santa Teresa Times, Willow Glen Times, 1989-1996. Was founding editor of five of these papers. Besides editing all content of seven newspapers, did graphical layout of all papers' editorial content using desktop publishing application.
  • Webmaster, Times Newspaper Group, designed Internet worldwide web site and created in htm language hundreds of pages of news and feature articles and departments, archiving two years of Times editions, 1994-1996.
  • Technical editor, Personal CAD Systems, 1987-89.
  • Founding director and editor, Writers Connection, San Jose, Calif., 1983-86.
  • Founding editor of Renaissance Review and New Reformation magazines, and founder-director of independently funded campus ministry, Kuyper Institute at University of California, Santa Barbara (1969-72), and Stanford University (1972-83). (Ordained evangelical Protestant ministry.)
  • Managing editor, Christian Beacon, 1964-68.
  • Editor, Nanty Glo, Pa., Journal, and feature editor Sedloff newspaper group, 1962-64.
  • Teens columnist, Sedloff newspaper group, 1957-61.


  • Adult writing seminars, West Valley College, 1981-89; Writers Connection 1983-86.
  • Developed and taught seven credit seminars in media and social topics at Stanford University, including the first known seminar on minorities in the mass media.




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